Market Items

We search the world for the best cuts of meats, freshest fish and seafood and top quality specialty items to fill your dinner plate. Check back each week for the latest finds and call us anytime with your special order requests! 

Prime Dry-aged Beef- speciality cuts usually reserved for the best steakhouses in the midwest, available to you each and every week!

  • Ribeye- 12 oz

  • NY Strip- 12 oz 

  • Tenderloin- whole or individual filets

  • Wagyu- ribeye, strip and/or burgers available

Kurobuta Pork - the midwest's finest "black hog" pork from heritage Berkshire pigs, prized for its luxurious marbling and tenderness. 

  • Frenched Chops

  • Rack 

  • Tenderloin

  • Double Cut Chops

Seafood- simply the best and freshest seafood we can bring in!

  • Loch Duart Salmon- fresh cold-water Scottish salmon, flown in fresh twice a week!

  • Oishi Shrimp- Meaning delicious in Japanese, these sustainably farm-raised shrimp go from swimming to frozen within four hours! 

  • Scallops- U10

  • Ahi Saku Tuna- AAA sushi grade, 12-16 oz block

  • Barramundi 

  • Salmon Burgers- feta and spinach or chipotle lime

Drake's "Parla" Pasta - hand-crafted in small batches to preserve quality, freshness and Italian traditions.​​

  • Veal Ravioli

  • Butternut Squash Ravioli

  • Eggplant Parmesan 

Tribeca Oven Bakery Breads- artisan bread baked in the most authentic manner possible- never rushed, always right. We suggest brushing loaf with olive oil, sprinkling with salt/seasonings and warming in a 200 degree oven for 15 minutes for a fresh from the bakery taste!  

  • Rosemary

  • Asiago Cheese

  • Sourdough

White Toque Vegetables- unique frozen items from France made from the finest quality ingredients.

  • Tender peas

  • Brittany Blend- green beans, yellow beans and baby carrots

  • Parisian Carrots

  • Au Gratin Potatoes  

  • Truffle Au Gratin Potatoes

  • Rosemary Roasted Red Skin Potatoes 

Imported and Domestic Cheese- our favorites from around the world!

  • Brie

  • Pecorino Romano

  • Gruyere 

  • Snowdonia- Black Bomber, Green Thunder, Beechwood Extra Aged Cheddar

  • Belton Farm Red Fox- aged red leicester cheese

  • Primosale Fantasia- sheep's milk cheese with arugula, chili pepper and olives