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1972 Richard Nixon declared Fathers Day to be a Federal Holiday…

 just a mere 3 months before authorizing the Watergate Burglary.

From all of us fathers, thanks Dick.

We have all Dads gifts for you down here...

Hours of Operation

Monday - Tuesday, 10am to 6pm

Wednesday - Saturday, 10am to 8pm

Calendar 🗓 June 13 & 14, 15 - Thursday & Friday & Saturday Special, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizzas! And serving Frozen Blackberry Mules

June 16 (Sunday) - Father's Day - we're not open on a Sunday obviously, but make sure to plan ahead for your purchases! 

July 4 (Thursday) - CLOSED for Independence Day 🇺🇸

July 13 (Saturday) - it’s 2nd Saturday down here!

July 14 (Sunday) - CLOSED for Bastille Day 🇫🇷

News 🗞

It was with great sadness that we learned the passing of one of Napa Valleys most ionic wine makers, Warren Winiarski. Referring to him as a father of Napa Valleys coming of age would be an under statement. In 1976, his first 1973 (first vintage) of his Stag’s Leap SLV Cabernet Sauvignon, crafted from the converted prune orchard, triumphed over the Bordeaux in the Paris tasting. Perhaps most astonishing to the French judges, steeped in tradition, was that Winiarski’s cabernet was produced from vines that were just 3 years old. His cabernet made its way to Paris only after a laborious vetting. The tasting was a stunning upset because two Napa wines were the victors of the blind tasting, beating the best of Bordeaux and Burgundy, based on the scores of nine French judges. The 1973 Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon won first place for the reds, while the 1973 Chateau Montelena snagged the top prize for the whites. Warren went on to not only be a shining star of Napa Valleys finest wines but also as a mentor to three generations of Napas finest wine makers. So it’s only befitting to pay homage on this Father’s Day weekend to the one of the earliest and possibly greatest fathers of Napa Valley.

Wine Feature ⭐️

I’ve said this more than once, Chris Ringland is and has continued to be my favorite wine maker. Even though I’m not able to purchase any of his Australian projects I still know where he spends some of his time in Spain. That’s why I’ve chosen Juan Gil Clio 2021 as this weeks feature. “This exquisite elixir is the brainchild of the illustrious winemaker Chris Ringland and a jewel in the crown of the Gil Family Estates, known for their exceptional wineries like Juan Gil and Atalaya. As you pour this Clio Red Wine, its intense, inky purple color mesmerizes you, foretelling the luxurious experience ahead. The Clio Spanish Red Wine’s rich hue is just a hint of the opulence it holds. Bringing the glass closer, the aromatic blend of blackberries and cassis of the Bodega El Nido Clio gracefully mingles with subtle violet undertones. This Clio El Nido’s aroma, enriched with cedar and vanilla nuances, owes its complexity to aging in new French and American oak barrels”. Yeah, that’s right, exactly what I would have said. Now on a more personal note I would like to add that this mid 90 rated Spanish gem made by my favorite wine make of all times won’t break the bank and at $59.99 it makes a fantastic Fathers Day gift. Buy it and a couple steaks and you’ll soon become dad’s favorite. Stop in soon before your sibling does.

Wine Pick 🥂

I have (yes there are two in this newsletter) admissions to make. It should be no surprise…I love Rose’ and when we get one in that just happens to be from one of my favorite French Appellations well then I want it.  Sancerre has always been one of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs but Sancerre is as well noted for their production of Pinot Noir and even better yet this weeks pick a Sancerre Rose’. What could possibly be wrong with this combination of region, grape and wine maker… “The Garrault family has been growing grapes in Sancerre for over 10 generations. Based in the village of Verdigny, their vineyards are located on truly privileged terroir. The parcels are all found on high altitude sites (200m – 250m) and on steep slopes that allow the grapes to soak up the shy Loire Valley Sun.  The soils found here are the classic Terres Blanches and Caillotes that bestow laser intense minerality into the wines. The grapes are all hand-harvested and vinified in stainless tanks to preserve the full freshness and zippiness of the wines. Great Sancerre is getting harder to find, and it is families like the Garraults that continue to shun the influx of industry into Sancerre. They simply continue to make wine in the traditional way that reminds us why we fell in love with this hilly region to begin with”. For $27.99 it’s a steal, pair this with our Dry Aged Pork Chops or our Fresh Faroe Island Salmon and all will be well. 

Food Feature 🐟🥩

Whatever Dad wants is obviously the food feature for this week, we did our part, dry aged Prime Ribeyes and Pork Chops. Fresh Salmon from Scotland, Amish free range chickens and BBQ ribs that simply need to be reheated. If I have to choose a feature I’m choosing the whole lot. We pride ourselves on having those specialty items that make holidays such as this Sunday a special time for one and all. Keep the old man happy, stop in and pick up something special for this once a year event.

Oyster Feature 🦪

Two new oysters this week! Birch Point Oysters from Steuben, Maine and Summerside from where else but the PEI. You have to mix it up bit from time to time, plus they were out of the others… These are both a delicious alternative to the Pink Moons and the Thatch Islands. They’re are big, full cup oysters with plenty of meat and brine to keep everyone happy.

Market Items 🛒 

*Fresh Bone-In Dry-Aged Prime Strips - $29.99

*Fresh Dry-Aged Prime Ribeyes- $29.99

*Fresh Michigan Family Farms Whole Chicken - $22.99

*Frozen Pre-Cooked St. Louis Ribs - $29.99

*Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst 5pack- $8.99

*Fresh Wagyu Hanger Steaks, 2pk (1lb) - $29.99

*Fresh Fairway Imperial Wagyu Beef Dogs, 5pk - $12.99

*Fresh North Atlantic Salmon - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Oysters - $24/dozen

*Fresh Wagyu Burgers, 4pk - $17.99

Frozen Heritage Frenched Bone-In Pork Chops - $8.99

Frozen Choice Whole Tenderloin - $25.99/lb

Frozen Sakura Bone-In French 10-Bone Pork Racks - $8.99/lb

Frozen Duroc Dry Aged Bone-In Pork Chops, 14oz - $16.99

Frozen CAB Dry-Aged Ribeyes - $18.99/lb

Frozen Center Cut Beef Tenderloin Filets, 8oz - $16.99

Frozen Choice Sirloin Cap Strip Steaks, 8oz - $9.99

Frozen Six-Rib Veal Rack - $16.99/lb

Frozen Lamb Sirloin Roast - $22.99/lb

Frozen Lamb Rack, 2lbs - $49.99

Frozen Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin - $12.99

Frozen Rinaldi Italian Sausage, 4pk - $8.99

Frozen Black Pepper Bacon - $14.99

Frozen Sashimi-Grade Ahi Tuna - $22.99/lb

Frozen Ahi Saku Block Tuna AAA Sushi Grade, avg. 16oz - $19.99

Frozen Chilean Sea Bass, 6oz - $16.99

Frozen U-13/15 Raw Jumbo Shrimp Deveined (2lb package) - $39.99

Frozen U-16/20 Raw Shrimp Deveined (2lb package) - $39.99

Frozen U-10 Scallops - $29.99/lb

Frozen Lobster Tails, 2pk - $35.99Frozen Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizzas (Cheese) - $17.99

Frozen Massa Sicilian Style Pizza (Italian Sausage or Roasted Vegetable) - $14.99

Frozen Whole Petite Potatoes - $8.99

Frozen Oven-Roasted Potato Wedges - $8.99

Frozen Au Gratin Potatoes, 4pk - $9.99

Fresh/Frozen Quattro Formaggio Ravioli - $10.99 (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Ravioli - $15.99 (serving for 2)Fresh/Frozen Drake's Lobster Ravioli - $32.99 (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Drake’s Pasta Ravioli (Veal or Butternut Squash) - $12.99/lb (serving for 2)

1932’s Pasta Sauce (Arrabbiata, Pomodorina with Fresh Basil, Pomodorina with Barolo) - $7.99

Maurizio Dried Pasta from Italy (Casarecce, Spaghetti Chitarra, or Trofie) - $7.99

La Molisana Orchiette from Italy - $6.99

Tribeca Bakery Bread (Rosemary or Asiago) - $5.50

Brioche Hamburger Buns - $3.99

Brioche Hot Dog Buns - $3.99

French Macarons - $8.99

New Wine🍷

The Better Half Pinot Noir 2020 New Zealand $19.99

Kysela Pere et Fils Picpoul de Pinet 2023 France $12.99

By.Ott Cotes de Provence Rosé 2023 France $29.99 

Cade Cabernet 2021 Howell Mtn. Ca. $133.99

RAW Really Awesome Wine Rosé 2023 Spain $13.99

Latúe Tempranillo Rosé  2023 Spain $11.99

Fratelli Antoni & Raimondo Piemonte Dolcetto 2021 Italy $16.99

New Beer 🍺

North High Cloud Country Summer IPA - 6pack Cans $11.99

Delirium Tremens - 4pk Bottles $24.99

Revolution Double Dry Hopped Riwaka Hero - 4pk Cans $13.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel 🛢 

Wiedemann's Amber Ale - $109.99

Outerbelt Glasstown Lager - $109.99

Goose Island IPA - $109.99

Masthead IPA - $119.99

Final Thoughts 💬

I turned 18 in 1972 and was fortunate to be the first year in which 18 year olds could vote in Federal elections. Thank you 26th amendment, I dutifully drove home from college to cast my first presidential vote and rarely do I divulge, but yep, I voted for Nixon. Ahhhh, the Naïveté of youth. These days I’m not as easily swayed, but hey he is still the man that made Father’s Day a Federal Holiday. So to all the Dads out there and all the Dads that have been out there, this weekends for you.

Cheers from all of us here at the Wine Merchant!

📞 419-424-0391

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