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A Belated, Happy Bastille Day!! or,Joyeux quatorze Juillet!

If like me, you forgot to celebrate, don’t worry we still have some great French wines for you…

For both customer and employee safety we will be asking that all please provide facial covering while in the store.

Hours and operations will be Monday thru Saturday.

10:00 – 6pm.


We’ve got plenty of new wines available this week and some honest to goodness bargains, come on down and see for yourself!

Dan’s Wine Feature

The feature this week is from Cantina-Di-Ora in the Veneto region of Italy. Amicone Rosso Veneto is a red wine produced in an appassimento process which allows for a highly extracted, rich and full-bodied yet soft wine. Aromas of fresh raspberry and black cherry will definitely be noted in this big, wonderful red, additionally the maturation in oak barrels also provides notes of sweet spices and chocolate. This new Northern Italian big red is an ideal accompaniment to grilled or barbecued meats, surely to be enjoyed with friends or simply on its own. While originally priced higher, we were happy to have this new wine in at $14.99, leaving you just enough to pick up some steaks or chops from us.

Dan’s Wine Pick

My pick for this week is Summerland Vineyards 2019 Rosé, this bottle of Grenache from the Central Coast is sure to please. While once priced at upwards of $19.99 we have it in at $14.99 making this a wine you wouldn’t mind getting a few of. Notes of ripe strawberry can be found while still exhibiting good acid, this is a great bottle for warm days and festivities on your patio.


Food Feature of the Week

It’s got to be the Wagyu! To pick up these steaks at this price was an absolute miracle and miracles these days are hard to come by… A few week’s ago we had the Wagyu of the sea but this week, it’s the real thing. Grading goes along a scale of 1 to 12 with 12 being the highest, ours come in at 9+ on this rating scale. Australia produces the most and some of the best wagyu in the world and we have it here at an unbelievable price. Here’s a quick and simple guide on cooking these steaks. Preheat your skillet over high heat. Cut off some of the fat around the edges and use it to grease your pan for the best, most natural flavor. Alternatively, you can use a little bit of butter or olive oil. Sear your steaks for three to four minutes on each side, depending on how well done you like them. Then enjoy one of the best steaks you’ve ever had.


Wagyu Strip Steaks 10oz $18.99

Pork Osso Buco cooked 2 per bag $16.99

Porterhouse Steak 34oz - $31.99

Ranch Girl Ribeyes Fresh $12.99 lb

Beef Tenderloin Whole Fresh $15.99 lb

Fresh CAB Steak Burgers 4pk - $9.99

Bone in Pork Loin 1lb hand cut chops- $5.99

Pork Tenderloin 2pk - $10.99

Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs 2 lb. Packs/Cooked/Frozen $15.99

Rinaldi Italian Sausage 4 per pound - $5.99

Bay of Fundy Salmon 2-8oz fresh cut filets -$16.00

Barramundi Asian Sea Bass Frozen 7-9oz cryovac filet $8.99

Saku Block Ahi Tuna AAA Sushi grade $14.99 per block

Scallops frozen – $18.99lb

Hummus 8oz - $3.99

Marcona Almonds 6oz $6.99

Beemster 18 Month Aged Gouda $9.99

Firehook Rosemary Sea Salt Baked Crackers - $6.99

Spicy Feta Spread 8oz - $5.99

Burrata 2-4oz balls - $8.99

Pesto 6oz – $3.99

Sun-dried Tomatoes 6oz - $3.99

Truffle Pasta -$5.99

Trophie with Pesto Genovese Pasta -$8.99

Caper and Paprika Marinara Pasta -$8.99

Askinosie Artisanal Chocolates from around the world- $9.00

And, of course if you need a few Idaho Potatoes - $1.00…

Six Barrels available:

Brew Dog Lost Lager

Madtree Psychopathy


Infinito Cabernet Sauvignon, Spain $14.99

Ego Bodegas Marionette Red Blend, Spain $8.99

The French Escape Rosé, France, $12.99

Summerland Rosé, California $14.99

Masso Antico Primitivo, Italy $12.99

Cantine Di Ora Amicone Rosso Veneto, Italy $14.99

Red Newt Riesling, New York $12.99


Drakes Hopocolypse 6pk Cans $14.99

Central Waters Key Lime Gose 6pk Cans $14.99

Toppling Goliath Supa Sumo Dipa 4pk Cans $18.99

New Holland Lake and Trail Copper Lager 6pk Cans $10.99

Urban Artifact Fire Iron 4pk Cans $11.99

Jackie O’s Under A Cloud 6pk Cans $11.99

Unity Vibrations Bourbon Peach 4pk Cans $16.99

Final Thought

As most of you know I’m not from a Science background, simply a student of History. The decisions we’re being faced with each and every day have faced many before, but not me personally, until this Spring. Siding on the side of caution makes sense in both the scientific and historical views of thought. We want the current state of affairs to go away as much as you. The only possible way to make this happen is to remain vigilant.

Please, please continue safe practices and please bring a mask when you come visit us at the store.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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