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A Very Happy Easter to All


Simply put give me a call I’ll walk and shop with you over the phone, ring you out and bring it to your car…

Hours and operations will be Monday thru Saturday.

12:00 – 5pm.

Three items to address here, (1) I’ve had more than one customer exclaim “I bet business is great now!” Nothing could be further from the truth, sure if I was Kroger, Meijer or Wal-Mart but we’re not and while we’re open, we’re operating at about 30% of our usual business. (2) Why are we even open then, simple, I want my employees to continue to receive a paycheck and not have to file for unemployment, I want my small distributors that don’t sell in big box stores to continue a revenue stream no matter how small it may be, and last and certainly not least. (3) Because of you, our loyal customers who understand why I’m doing what I’m doing and want to help in any way that they can. Thank you for being there and understanding…

Easter Wines!

An official EASTER BARGAIN, if you’re fan of big Pinot Noir I have it, with $17.00 off a bottle this is a must have! Was it a mistake, most likely but as long as they send it to me at this price, I’m willing to share. Kathryn Hall of Hall Wines produces superb wines and Walt Pinot is one of them, always priced at $44.99 it was still my go to and definitely one of my favorites but now at $27.99 it’s literally a steal. Soon they may realize their error but until then, swing by and I’ll pick up a few for you!!!

Food special this week, Dan cut steaks!

While we don’t have a lot we have enough to share, this is our cost to you. All restaurant quality, deals are being made by purveyors due to restaurant shut down and we like to share…Please, call before noon to order and we’ll have them ready for you when you arrive.

Rib Eye $6.00 a pound

Strips $8.50 a pound

Whether you’re having Ham or Lamb we’ve got you covered for this special Easter dinner…

Ham is what we’re having for Easter so here are a few suggestions,

Light and a bit fruit forward for the first two making them a natural for ham. This Rose’ has perfect acidity and as a dryer style it will be a superb addition to the table.

Monmousseau Vouvray $13.99

Dr L Riesling $14.99

Fleurs De Prairie Provencal Rose’ $17.99

Lamb a different approach here,

These three wines are among my favorites, Walt from Kathryn Hall has always been a favorite of mine, Molly Dooker at 16% alcohol it’s a natural and Austin Hope will never disappoint!

Walt Blue Jay Pinot Noir WAS $44.99 NOW $27.99 (best deal)

Molly Dooker The Boxer Shiraz $34.99

Austin Hope Cabernet $49.99

Six Barrels available;

North Coast Scrimshaw -$114.99

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat - $92.99

Urban Artifact SPYGLASS - $117.99

Brewdog Hazy Jane New England Style IPA - $122.99

Jackie O’s Mystic Mama IPA - $134.99

Bells Oberon - $129.99


Trying to keep inventory up for all and only brining in a few new wines…

Campuget 2019 Rose’ $11.99

Green Wing 2017 Cabernet Columbia Valley $24.99

Juan Gil 2017 Blue Monastrell, Cab & Syrah Spain $39.99


Got a few new ones,

3 Floyds Fantasmo 4pack 10oz cans $10.99

Urban Artifact Otto Cycle 4pack 12oz cans $14.99

Final Thought

The new normal…all of us here have had considerable time to think about what the new normal will be here. Not that we’ve had an opportunity to all sit down and discuss it but we all know there will be changes. We’re all passionate about what we do down here and uncertainty in it’s own way leads to creativity and I believe in Chelsea and TJ to cover that avenue quite well. Stay safe be well and have a great Easter!

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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