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Beware, the Ides of March are soon upon us…

Forget the Ides we’re getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day WM style and Lamb O’Rama!!!

Calendar of Events

March 11th - Flight Night! $10.00 for Sweet/White or Red Flights and $5.00 Pizzas!

March 17th - It’s St. Patrick’s Day at the Wine Merchant!!! That means domestic Irish inspired beers and Reudans, that’s right no bens here just Dans…Half corned beef and half pastrami on thick cut rye bread, covered with sauerkraut, swiss cheese and of course russian dressing. We’re only doing one special because it’s that good!

March 18th - Flight Night! $10.00 for Sweet/White or Red Flights and $5.00 Pizzas!

March 25th - Flight Night! $10.00 for Sweet/White or Red Flights and $5.00 Pizzas!

March 28th - Saturday it’s Lamb-O-Rama, Savory Lamb, slow roasted and smoked, drizzled with a mint and garlic sauce. Served with Naan and an Orzo Salad. After figuring this out, there was no reason to change. Serving starts at 4pm.

New Wines

Frog’s Leap Estate Cabernet 2016 Napa Valley $64.99

Frog’s Leap Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Napa Valley $26.99

Raen Sonoma Coast Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir 2017 $69.99

Zanon Old Vine Zin 2017 Dry Creek Valley $19.99

Zanon Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Dry Creek Valley $15.99

Tedeschi Filadonna Valpolicello Superiore San Pietro, Italy 2017 $16.99

Tedeschi Filadonna Pinot Grigio San Pietro, Italy 2017 $16.99

Frico Bianco Italy 2018 $11.99

Frico Rosato Italy 2019 $11.99

Frico Rosso Italy 2017 $11.99

Scarpetta Barberra del Monteferrato Italy 2018 $17.99

Line 39 Excursion Red Blend California 2017 $10.99

Line 39 Petite Sirah California 2018 $10.99

Domaine De Chateaumar Cotes-Du-Rhone Rose France 2019 $16.99

Boundary Breaks Riesling Finger Lakes 2017 $14.99

La Caudrina Moscato D’Asti Italy 2019 $14.99

Gorman Winery Zacahry’s Ladder Washington State 2017 $35.99

Gorman Winery 42-39-56 Rose Washington State 2019 $20.99

Clos Du Mont-Olivet Cote-Du-Rhone France 2017 $19.99

Clos Du Mont-Olivet Cote-Du-Rhone Blanc France 2019 $21.99

Fleurs de Prairie Rose France 2019 $17.99

New Beers

Coronado Orange Avenue Wit 6pk Cans $9.99

Flying Dog Lucky SOB 6pk Can $10.99

Masthead Worst Case Scenario 4pk 16oz Cans $13.99

North High Times 6pk Cans $9.99

Nowhere in Particular Don’t Drive on the Tracks 4pk 16oz Cans $13.99

Founders KBS 4pk Bottles $17.99

Founders Unraveled IPA 6pk Cans $9.99

Stone Peak Conditions Hazy Double IPA 6pk Cans $16.99

Short’s Critterless 6pk Bottles $12.99

Ciderboys Raspberry Cider 6pk Bottles $9.99

Boulevard Tequila Lime Gose $9.99

Dragon’s Milk Rum Barrel Reserve Stout 4 Pk Bottles $18.99

Beer Tasting

This week it’s Shorts vs. Rhinegeist! We’ll start with Short’s Oh so familiar “Locals Light”. For #2 it’s Rhinegeist Whiffle Witbier. Next also from Rhinegeist is Cloud Harvest O1 an unfiltered juicy IPA. To finish we’re back to Shorts for Superfluid a big Dbl. American IPA. There’s something great for everyone, stop in Saturday anytime and give these beers a twirl…

Dan’s Feature

The 2017 Raen Sonoma Coast Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir is my feature for this week. This 2017 94pt rated bottle is only $69.99, the wine is produced from the next generation of Robert Mondavi, his grandsons Carlo and Dante Mondavi produce this stellar Pinot and it’s something to get excited about. Tasting notes best describe it as, “absolutely gorgeous, a wild array of floral and savory notes make a strong opening statement. Expressive and multi-faceted, the Royal St. Robert is positively dazzling from the very first taste. The interplay of fruit, whole cluster savoriness and structure results in a captivating Pinot that has more than enough pedigree to reward a number of years of cellaring. This is a brilliant showing. Wow!” If you like Pinot Noir, stop in and pick one up!

Dan’s Pick’s

House of Cards Red Blend is this week’s pick, I know, I know it’s everybody’s favorite at Mancy’s but seriously this was the first time it was ever presented to us this week and you know what…we liked it. This $19.99 Red Blend from California was originally concocted to be a Dave Phinney Prisoner knock off and is a great example of a blended Zinfandel based red. This wine is cocktail thru and thru, sure you can enjoy this with dinner but trust me an empty glass and on a weekday night, you’ve got a new friend.

Friday/Saturday Special

It’s the big Pizza, again… but this time with truffle mayo , thinly sliced cured Italian ham, spinach, mushroom, onion and mozzarella cheese! This will be a one and done, if it sounds good ya better get it this Friday and Saturday!

Final Thought

So much information, everything’s moving a little too fast, the best advice we have is to take a moment and breathe. News reports, states of emergency, school closings, everything and more…Please, just take a moment and have a drink and remind yourself of all that is good in your life and that this will all will be fine…

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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