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I’m pretty sure we’ve got a couple days of warm, dry weather coming our way!

The countdown is on…9 Days till Fathers Day and we have plans in place to make this a very special day!

Store Calendar

June 26 – Saturday1pm – 3pm Sippin with Seafood Beer or Wine and plenty of our seafood!

Reservations required!

Our hours,

Monday – Saturday

10am to 6pm!

Wine News

C. S. Cabernet is this week’s feature, and while Chelsea seems to think that it stands for her initials it actually stands for Clay Shannon. We’ve carried wines from Shannon Ridge before but never their signature Cabernet and while it’s priced quite fairly at $19.99 there was absolutely no reason not to bring this wine in and while it shows on Shannon Ridge’s web site that it’s available for $45.00 I think you’ll agree, bringing this bottle in was a great deal. Tasting notes are as follows, "bright fruit, spice, texture, and all of the tannin comes from the high elevations of Lake County and dark fruits, old world characters and dried herbs come from the lower elevations of Napa County. The merriment of the two creates a rich, velvety aroma with notes of lavender and vanilla wrapping around raspberry and cherry fruits with a long tobacco and redcurrant finish." This multi-purpose Cabernet just may become a new store favorite.

Dan’s Pick

Picpoul de Pinet need I elaborate… “In French it’s called “Picpoul” (also piquepoul). Translated into English it means “lip stinger”. Not familiar? Not surprising unless you spend a lot of time in Catalonia, where it’s served at every lunch table. If you like a fruity Sauvignon Blanc, a zippy Gruner, or steely Chablis, then you should seek out some Picpoul”. I’ve been drinking Picpoul for a very long time and we have gone through many here at the Wine Merchant and this appears to be our new favorite. Jadix Picpoul De Pinet at $12.99 will be a welcoming addition to any porch, patio or empty glass for that matter during these warm days ahead. If you need a little lip stinger, we’ve got it taken care of! Stop in and get a few for this weekend then you too will realize why we’ve enjoyed this wine for so long.

Food News

Any more it’s all about timing, keep checking for availability and price and every once in awhile you get lucky. We were able to bring back in this week our 8oz center cut Butchers Preferred Beef Tenderloin still at that same $13.99 price point. If you’re interested, do what I do, buy them now and keep them in your freezer because this price was quite a surprise to me.

Food Feature of the Week

A fish with a face for this week, American caught Red Snapper (scaled and dressed) waiting for an afternoon on the grill. I only brought in 10lbs so if you’re a fresh fish kinda person this is your fish! This 1.5 to 2lb item sells for $15.99 a pound, you know as well as me it’s hard to find fish never frozen and this fresh. Stop in and get a few and you know what I’ll throw a couple lemons in for free…

Market Items…

Fresh Cut Prime Strip Steaks - $20.99

Fresh Certified Angus Beef hand cut Ribeyes - $18.99lb

Fresh Wagyu Burgers 4pk - $15.99

Frozen trimmed Choice Hanger Steaks - $13.99each

Fresh Prime Teres Major - $13.99lb

Frozen 8oz Beef Tenderloin Center Cuts - $13.99

Frozen Angus 24/28oz Tomahawk Ribeyes $34.99 avg.

Rinaldi Italian Sausage (our favorite) 4 links per pound - $6.99

Dearborn Bratwurst 4pk - $6.99

Fresh Heritage Kurobuta Berkshire Pork Chops - $12.99 per Chop

Oysters $18.00 a dozen

Fresh Salmon Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia Fillets -$17.99lb

Whole Red Snapper US Caught - $15.99lb

Frozen 16/20 count Raw Shrimp deveined 1lb - $15.99

Barramundi Asian Sea Bass Frozen 7-9oz fillet - $8.99 each

Saku Block Ahi Tuna AAA Sushi grade - $14.99 per block

U-10 Scallops frozen – $18.99lb

Tribeca Bakery Rosemary $4.99

New Wines/Cocktails

Clay Shannon Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 California $19.99

Eruption Red Blend 2017 California $18.99

Argento Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Argentina $9.99

Angels and Cowboys Rosé 2020 California $13.99

Jadix Picpoul De Pinet 2019 France $12.99

Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Dry Riesling 2020 Australia $17.99

Lobetia Tempranillo-Petit Verdot 2017 Spain $14.99

Krupp Brothers The Wheelman 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon $94.99

New Beers

Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen 6pk Cans $9.99

Founders All Day Vacay 6pk Cans $9.99 Coronado Brewing Co. Pineapple Farm Hazy IPA 4pk cans $12.99 Abita Brewing 35th Anniversary Pilsner 6pk bottles $9.99 Bells Flamingo Fruit Fight- Tequila Barrel-aged 4pk bottles $13.99 Urban Artifact Tart Cherry Seltzer 6pk cans $10.99 Urban Artifact Cranberry & Grape Seltzer 6pk cans $10.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel

Masthead Superior WIT $93.99

3 Floyds Zombie Dust $154.99

Fat Heads Head Hunter $139.99

Final Thought

I really don’t like being like everyone else but here it goes… We’re looking for another team member here at the Wine Merchant, it’s taking its toll relying on two people to handle everything. It’s not enough to say that the pay is good and you wouldn’t be asked to do anything that we don’t do, they just have to buy into wanting to share with all of you our love of both great beers, wines and the foods that they compliment. Do I have a couple that enjoy just that? Yes, you bet, but that may not be enough to do that which we enjoy the most.... serving you.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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