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In one form or another it’s back to school week! Do I miss it? You bet.

However, being able to drink at 10:30 am does have its benefits…

It’s going on fifteen years since I’ve been in the classroom, but I’m still learning and teaching every single day!

For both customer and employee safety we will be asking that all please provide facial covering while in the store.

Hours and operations will be Monday thru Saturday.

10:00 – 6pm.


We’ve got a few new wines this week for you to try and a great bargain in the store!!!

Dan’s Wine Feature

Secret Squirrel 2015 Cabernet at $24.99 is my feature for this week. At one time we had another Secret Squirrel because, hey, it was cute label. I didn’t know then what I know now… Secret Squirrel Cabernet is Walla Walla Valleys Corliss wines second label, this premier Columbia Valley producer does as many and takes it’s overrun juice and puts it out under a different label. Corliss is always highly rated and comes in just a tad shy of $100.00, so when the Squirrel appeared yesterday at a quarter of that cost and drank like its big brother, this was a simple deal. “Secret Squirrel comes from the highest quality fruit grown in our estate vineyards in the Red Mountain, Walla Walla Valley and Yakima Valley AVAs. It is fermented by native yeast with extended maturation in concrete and French oak.” Secret Squirrel is privately owned and personally made by people that truly love wine. One taste and you'll want to squirrel some away for yourself. I see this new release becoming a new favorite here at the Wine Merchant, stop in and pick one up to try this weekend.

Dan’s Wine Pick

This week’s pick is a new bargain we brought in from Southern Australia’s McLaren Vale, Robert Oatley’s 2017 Signature Shiraz. Originally priced anywhere from the low 20’s and at one time here for $19.99 is now priced at $12.99! I’m always a fan of Shiraz and especially when I can pick one up of this caliber for such a great price. This 90+ rated wine is perfect for not only this time of year, but also to accompany anything coming off the grill. Appropriately described as having notes of “plums, brambly berries, dark chocolate and licorice and backed by earthy, savory spices. Power and elegance play together, wound by dusty, savory tannins”. Sure you bet…Hey it’s almost 40% off and it drinks really, really well…


Remember sitting at the dinner table on Thanksgiving fighting with your sibling over who gets the Turkey leg? Well, fight no more! We have smoked Turkey legs for a mere $3.99. I mean why not, I’m sure these 2 pound hand held edibles were originally intended for a cancelled Oktoberfest somewhere, so when they came across our path at a perfect price, you got it, we bought them!

Food Feature of the Week

Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin is my feature this week, along with the GIANT Turkey leg that has to also be included. I’m not able to get bone in loin anymore, so I brought in the best pork loin available and while breaking one down yesterday, I was all smiles. These are rich and elegant chops, cut to a little over a half pound each, packed in pairs. Lemon Pepper and a hot grill will make a believer out of you. They are almost as good as a steak for me, as I’ve always been a fan of great pork and even more so with this weeks addition.


Beef Tenderloin Frozen 8oz Center Cut Filet $18.99

Beef Tenderloin Fresh Rolled and Tied $31.99 for a third!

Fresh Iowa PRIME “Frenched” Tomahawk Ribeye $16.99lb

Fresh Ranch Girl Ribeyes $12.99lb

Frozen CAB “Prime” Steak Burgers 4pk - $9.99

Bay of Fundy Salmon filets -$16.00 lb

FRESH Halibut - $17.99lb (just arrived today)

Mahi Mahi 5-7oz - $4.99 each

Grouper 4-6oz fillet - $4.99 each

Swordfish 8oz steak - $6.99 each

Cod Loin 2pk Frozen - $10.99lb

Barramundi Asian Sea Bass Frozen 7-9oz cryovac filet $8.99

Saku Block Ahi Tuna AAA Sushi grade $14.99 per block

U -10 Scallops frozen – $18.99lb

Hummus 8oz - $3.99

Firehook Rosemary Sea Salt Baked Crackers - $6.99

Spicy Feta Spread 8oz - $5.99

Sun-dried Tomatoes 6oz - $3.99

Truffle Pasta -$5.99

Trophie with Pesto Genovese Pasta -$8.99

Caper and Paprika Marinara Pasta -$8.99

Askinosie Artisanal Chocolates from around the world- $9.00

Six Barrels available:

MadTree Psychopathy $99.99

North Coast Scrimshaw $107.99

Fatheads Head Hunter IPA $124.99


Anne Amie 2018 Muller Thurgau Oregon $14.99

Secret Squirrel 2015 Cabernet Columbia Valley $24.99

Pine Ridge 2019 Chenin/Viogner Napa $12.99

Scharffenberger Brut NV California $23.99


Bell’s Double Cream Ale 6 Pack Bottles $11.99

Alesmith IPA 4 16oz. Cans $11.99

Alesmith Speedway Stout 4 16oz. Cans $13.99

Topling Goliath SoSus 4 16oz. Cans $18.99

Bells VII: Spontaneous Me $11.99

Narranganset Fest Bier 6 Pack 16oz. Cans $9.99

Founders Underground Mountain Brown 4 Pack Bottles $15.99

Founders KBS 4 pack Bottles $17.99

Final Thought

Just a few days before what would have been Oktoberfest 2020, hopefully in 2021 we’ll have all of our holidays and celebrations back, plus all of our events that we always enjoy. In the meantime, it’s time to start planning for your very own “HOMETOBERFEST.” Hopefully this will be a one and done event. We’ve got some great beers, handheld meats and other delectable edibles for you to celebrate this new holiday. And on a completely different but personal side note, it’s the 19th anniversary of FCHD!

Please, please continue safe practices and please bring a mask when you come visit us at the store.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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