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It’s the end of what month???

I mean, I’m old, and time does move faster… but seriously, October already?

Thanks to everyone who came out for Oktoberfest. I’m pretty certain you all enjoyed yourself because we sure did.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday

10am to 6pm

Calendar 🗓

Oct. 1 (Saturday) - Our first weekend of the month’s feature may be pretty simple, but it will be delicious! All beef hotdogs served on brioche buns with sauerkraut and Dusseldorf mustard and chips on the side. We’ll also see the return of the old favorite, Bavarian Pretzels with our house-made hot beer cheese!

Nov. 8 (Tuesday) - Our traditional 2022 Alternative Dinner (Sold Out)

Nov. 17 (Thursday) - Beaujolais Nouveau! Beef Bourguignon, Pisaladiere, and Baked Brie from noon to close to celebrate this year’s vintage release! No reservations required.

Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving (Closed)

Dec. 3 (Saturday) - Our annual Champagne Tasting. These will be gone before you know it, so please call now if interested. While not a dinner, we will be sharing exquisite Champagnes along with some of our favorite heavy appetizers.

Dec. 25 - Christmas Day (Closed)

And with that, we’re calling it a year!

Store News 🏬

I know it looks like we’re skimping a bit on activities in October, but trust me, we’re not — the calendar on our end is pretty filled up. We’ll still sneak a few things in, but be sure to take a look at the year-end calendar because it’s coming fast…

Wine News🍷

It’s been relatively easy to get in some great wines recently. The problem, however, is attempting to reorder them… I certainly don’t want buying a higher end bottle of wine to become like buying so many other things (that is, if you see it, you’d better get it now). I like having a steady supply of all our wines, and for a while there, it was moving along quite smoothly, but recently we’re beginning to see some difficulty in keeping our inventory up. It may be simply our current economic cycle and a heated demand with less inventory available at the source. But remember, I taught History not Economics, so I’m not really sure. I just know that ordering some bottles is a lot more challenging now than just picking up the phone. My point is, think ahead, let us know what you like and what you’ll need, and give us an opportunity and some time to get it in for you. We’ll keep doing our best.

Dan’s Feature ⭐️

This week’s feature may not be a daily drinker, but it’s delicious! Vineyard 29 2019 Ceanda is my feature for the week. Since it’s priced at $149.99, I didn’t bring in many, but the few I did bring in are here for your selection. The Ceanda Cabernet Sauvignon is a symbolic representation of the passion and dedication that Chuck and Anne McMinn have bestowed upon their prized vineyards. Both a blend of their vineyards, as well as their names, Ceanda stands tall as a beautiful new addition to the Vineyard 29 family. “Deeply saturated in color, the 2019 Ceanda Cabernet Sauvignon immediately charms with a bouquet of black currants, cassis, cocoa powder, and violets. This full-bodied wine seamlessly weaves around the palate with layers of anise, fresh coffee grounds, black cherries, and pops of violets. Concentrated and rich but never losing its freshness, look for plushness from its predominantly Cabernet blend and intriguing savory notes from the Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. All of these textures and flavors culminate on a high note before gracefully transitioning into a sweepingly long finish. Plenty of intensity and supreme age ability but with an earlier approachability than the single vineyard Estate wines. Quite simply, delicious.” Only 945 cases of this prized 2019 wine were produced, and we’re very lucky to have a few down here for you.

Dan’s Pick 🥂

For some reason, Fall brings to mind Alsace. I’m not sure why because I’ve never been there in the Fall?? Either way, Willm 2020 Pinot Blanc from the historical town of Colmar deep in Alsace is my pick for this week. First, a little about the family: “In 1896, the Willm family founded the Willm Estate in Barr, at the foot of the majestic Kirchberg de Barr Grand Cru vineyard. Willm has always been concerned with revealing the best of its terroirs and sharing its exceptional wines with the whole world. Thanks to the adventurous founder Emile Willm, the estate’s wines were the first from Alsace to be exported to the United States in the early 1930s, after prohibition laws were lifted. Their wines are celebrated for their freshness, minerality, and elegance; they are synonymous with tradition, terroir, purity, and refinement.” Maybe the reason it speaks to me is because of all of the Alsatian classic dishes that we associate with Fall… all things pork, apples, and goodness. The wine is pale yellow with a fresh and floral nose, reminiscent of elderflower with notes of gooseberries. The attack is supple. Fresh, dry, and easy to drink, it goes well with Alsatian specialties: tarte flambée, charcuterie, meat pies, and sausages off the grill. It’s a quaffable Fall wine that comes in at $21.99 and is worth every penny.

Food News 📰

We’re moving into that Fall season pretty quickly, so menu items will begin to change. Our Pastas are something to be considered, be it the Fresh/Frozen selections of Strozapretti and Papparadelle or our dried choices from Maurizio or Fusco (Trofie, Mezzi Rigatoni, Spaghetti Alla Chitarra or Cassearecce) — and they’re all from Italy! I pretty much decided that these were the only ones I would have in the store. It’s not just that they're from Italy, it’s their overall quality. You accompany any of these Pastas with our “1932” Sauces (Pomodorina or Arrabbiata), and you’ve got half the meal done. Throw in a loaf of Asiago Cheese bread and maybe a piece of Peccorino, and in my opinion, you can set the table. If you want vegetables or a salad, hopefully that’s already stocked in your fridge at home because that’s all you need for a great Fall dinner… OK sure, toss in a bottle of red and enjoy.

Food Feature 📣

Fresh Swordfish and Norwegian Salmon just in today! Come on in and tell me what size of steaks or fillets you want, and I’ll cut these super fresh fish to order. The last time Swordfish came in, I was amazed how fast they were snapped up. Priced at $18.99 a pound, these delectable cuts can be colored any way you wish. I saw pictures of them adorned with a pineapple and jalapeño salsa, and others brushed with Hoisin while being grilled. These versatile meaty fillets are a wonderful way to enjoy something from the sea. The Salmon has a great write up and pedigree, and when I could get it at $12.99 a pound, I jumped on it. Norway is near the top of the list on the best Salmon in the world, and given the fact they’re overnighted to our purveyor on Wednesday for a delivery to me on Thursday makes them even more of a “must buy.” I’m excited to get both in and even more excited to share them with you.

Market Items 🍤

*Fresh Hand Cut to Order Demkota Strip Steaks - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Prime Demokota Hand Cut Ribeyes - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Dry Aged Prime Creekstone Farms 12oz Ribeyes - $32.99

*Fresh Dry Aged Prime Creekstone Farms 12oz Strips - $36.99

*Fresh Wagyu Burgers 4pk - $17.99

*Fresh Double Cut Pork Chops - $12.99 per chop

Frozen Prime Whole Beef Tenderloins - $23.99/lb

Frozen Center Cut 8oz Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99

Frozen Pre-cooked frozen BBQ Ribs (approx. 3lb racks) - $29.99

Frozen 8oz Pork Ribeyes - $8.99

Frozen Bacon Wrapped 5oz Pork Filets - $5.99

Frozen Rinaldi Italian Sausage (4 per pound) - $6.99

Frozen Nueske Cheddar and Bacon Sausages (5 per pound) - $9.99

*Fresh Raspberry Point Oysters PEI - $24 a baker’s dozen

*Fresh Wild-Caught Norwegian Salmon - $12.99/lb

*Fresh Atlantic Swordfish - $18.99/lb

Frozen Bakkafrost Salmon Burgers Spinach and Feta 2pk - $10.99

Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizzas (Cheese or Veggie) - $17.99

Au Gratin Potatoes 4-pack - $9.99

Frozen Chilean Sea Bass 6oz - $16.99

Frozen Ahi Saku Block Tuna AAA Sushi Grade (avg. 14oz) - $29.99

Frozen Lobster Tails - $12.99 each

Frozen U-16/20 Raw Shrimp Deveined (1lb package) - $19.99/lb

Frozen U-10 Scallops - $29.99/lb

Frozen Snow Crab Clusters - $15.99/lb

Frozen Langostinos 4pk - $7.99

Frozen Fontinini Fully Cooked Meatballs - 6 2oz balls for $8.99

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Paparedelle from Italy - $9.99/lb (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Strozzapreti from Italy - $9.99/lb (serving for 2)

1932’s Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce - $7.99

1932’s Pomodorina with Fresh Basil Pasta Sauce - $7.99

Maurizio Spaghetti alla Chitarra Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99

Maurizio Trofie Dried Pasta from Italy - $7.99

Fusco Mezzi Rigatoni Dried Pasta from Italy - $6.99

Fusco Casarecce Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99

Drakes Jumbo Ravioli (Butternut Squash or Veal) 1lb - $12.99

Tribeca Bakery Bread (Asiago, Sourdough, Rosemary) - $5.50

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Classico Ground Coffee - $8.99

Jim Jim’s Raw Local Honey - 16oz for $14.99 or 32oz for $29.99

New Wines 🍷

Tapiz 2017 Black Tears Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina - $59.99

Molly Dooker 2020 Carnival of Love, Australia - $99.99

Conte Campiano 2019 Cabernet Primitivo Blend, Puglia, Italy - $15.99

Chocolate Cuvee NV Lodi, CA - $12.99

Friedrich Becker Family 2018 Pinot Noir, Schweigen, Germany - $24.99

Stag’s Leap 2019 Artemis, Napa Valley - $89.99

New Beers 🍺

Great Lake’s Blackout Imperial Stout 12oz btl 4pk - $13.99

Great Lake’s Nosferatu Imperial Red IPA 16oz can 4pk - $12.99

Bell’s Expedition Stout 16oz btl 6pk - $17.99

Bell’s Quite Bright White 16oz btl 6pk - $10.99

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale 16oz btl 6pk - $15.99

Fathead's Hop Marauder 12oz can 6pk - $11.99

Jackie O's Pipapo 12oz can 6pk - $10.99

Stone Enjoy By 10.31.22 12oz can 6pk - $16.99

Urban Artifact Trick or Treat Seltzer 12oz can 6pk - $11.99

Crafted Dragon Heart Mead 12oz btl - $8.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel 🛢

Fat Head’s Groovy Juice IPA - $134.99

North High Lager - $109.99

Jackie O’s Mystic Mama - $151.99

Jackie O’s Firefly - $121.99

North Coast Scrimshaw - $134.99

Final Thoughts 💬

OND is upon us, the last quarter of 2022. In this business, we’re supposed to be all excited… I mean, it’s the holiday season! After 15 years, I don’t get nearly as excited. I’ve learned what I need to have in stock and who everything will eventually go to. We’re not a corporate entity; we’re the ones who suggest wines for any and all of the events that come before you, be they joyous or otherwise. You’re our friends and acquaintances that we look forward to seeing, and in some cases, if we don’t see you, we call to check in. That’s the way I approach each day, just trying to bring a bit more joy than woe to each and every one of you.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant!

📞 419-424-0391

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