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Last week of June, kind of hard to believe…

For both customer and employee safety we will be asking that all please provide facial covering while in the store.

Hours and operations will be Monday thru Saturday.

10:00 – 6pm.


As I had mentioned last week, we’re seeing wine reps once again and bringing in some new ones for you to enjoy. As always, we keep looking for bargains and deals and even found one of those this week…

Dan’s Wine Feature

My feature is Andronicus Red Blend from Titus Vineyards in Napa. This wine regularly sold for $34.99, so when it was made available to us at $24.99 we jumped on it. This wine is aptly described by the makers as, “a Cabernet based blend that over delivers ripe, red cherry and berry flavors and aromas. It is mouth-filling with heaps of dark fruit that is nicely balanced with well integrated spice, earth notes, chocolate and supple tannins resulting in a beautifully complex red wine”. I just know at this price it was a simple decision. This wine got a three thumbs up by all of us yesterday.

Dan’s Wine Pick

Bellula Rosé at $11.99 is always a summer pleaser. Whether on the porch or at the dinner table this wine is very enjoyable. It is incredibly fresh and vibrant with notes of citrus and peaches that melt away in to a wave of white flowers blowing the Mediterranean sea breeze. Okay, not my words, but if you like Rosé this bottle is a very safe bet. We should actually call this week’s pick TJ and Chelsea’s pick. If on a warm summer day this keeps them happy, you can be assured it will do the same for you.


I think we’ve figured it out, after weeks of procuring different provisions we’re getting very close to a set group of items that we can adequately bring in every week. We look for special deals the same way we look for bargains in wine. We’re going to try and make certain we’ve got your favorites every week.

Food Feature of the Week

We’re sticking with the Beef Tenderloin this week. When we can get it in at the price we’re selling it for, we get it. You’ve shown you’re rather smitten with it so rest assured we have it, broken down and tied up or as a whole vacuum sealed tenderloin…


Beef Tenderloin FRESH whole $14.99 lb / Cut Filets $18.99 lb

Ranch Girl (our original) fresh Ribeyes - $12.99 lb.

Bone in Pork Loin 1lb hand cut chops- $5.99

Pork Tenderloin 2pk - $10.99

Rinaldi Italian Sausage 4 per pound - $5.99

Bratwurst 4 per pound - $5.99

Bay of Fundy Salmon 2-8oz fresh cut filets -$16.00

Barramundi Asian Sea Bass Frozen 7-9oz cryovac filet $8.99

Bluefin Tuna $10.99 lb (this is the Kobe Beef of the fish world)

Saku Block Ahi Tuna AAA Sushi grade $14.99 per block

White medium Button Mushrooms 1 lb - $3.99

8oz Hummus - $3.99

8oz Spicy Feta Spread - $5.99

Truffle Pasta -$5.99

Trophie with Pesto Genovese Pasta -$8.99

Caper and Paprika Marinara Pasta -$8.99

Askinosie Artisanal Chocolates from around the world- $9.00

And, of course if you need a few Idaho Potatoes - $1.00…

Six Barrels available:

BrewDog Lost Lager $109.99

MadTree Psychopathy $99.99


Mothers Milk Shiraz 2018 Australia $19.99

Andronicus Red Blend 2016 Napa WAS $34.99 NOW $24.99

1st Drop The Red One Red Blend 2017 Australia $14.99

Gotham Project Rose’ 2-500ml cans $9.99

Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Blanc 2018 Pinet, France $10.99

Olivier Hillaire Rouge NV France $12.99


New Holland Coastal Dreams 4pk 16oz Can $17.99

Troegs Nimble Giant 4pk 16oz Can $13.99

Toppling Goliath King Sue 4pk 16oz Cans $18.99

Fat Heads Groovy Juice 6pk Cans $11.99

Jackie O’s Blueberry Peach Perpetum 16.9oz Btl $5.99

Urban Artifact Pickle 6pk Cans $11.99

Final Thought

I had hoped to set a date on our reopening plans but will fail at giving you any updates this week. However, I will do my best to share with you next week our new plans. We are doing our best to answer everyone’s question and I truly hope and believe that can be shared with you next Thursday.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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