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March... Really???

The Lion part seems to be correct…

I’m obviously looking forward to the Lamb part!

Thanks to everyone who came down for

Fat Tuesday, we had a great time!

Calendar of Events

March 4th - Flight Night! $10.00 for Sweet/White or Red Flights and $5.00 Pizzas!

March 6th - Friday Night Wine Tasting Featuring “Chance to Dance”

March 11th - Flight Night! $10.00 for Sweet/White or Red Flights and $5.00 Pizzas!

March 17th - It’s St. Patrick’s Day at the Wine Merchant!!!

March 18th - Flight Night! $10.00 for Sweet/White or Red Flights and $5.00 Pizzas!

March 25th - Flight Night! $10.00 for Sweet/White or Red Flights and $5.00 Pizzas!

March 28th - Saturday it’s Lamb-O-Rama (need I say more…)

New Wines

Vino Sangiovese Rose 2018 Italy $7.99

Monte Degli Angeli Pinot Noir 2018 Italy $14.99

Verus Vineyards Pinot Gris 2016 Slovenia $16.99

La Rovesciata Pétillant 2018 Italy $22.99

New Beers

Sixpoint Atomic Resin 16oz. 4 Pack Cans $12.99

Sixpoint Meltdown 6 Pack Cans $11.99

Lagunitas Lazy Hazy Memory 16oz. 4 Pack Cans $8.99

Troeg’s First Cut IPA 6 Pack Cans $10.99

Revision IPA 6 Pack Cans $11.99

Revision To Dream New England IPA $15.99

3 Floyds Rabbid Rabbit 6 Pack Bottle $13.99

3 Floyds Region X 4 Pack 16oz. Cans $10.99

3 Floyds Hati 6 Pack Bottles $14.99

Jackie O’s Hell Bettie 4 Pack Can $11.99

Narrangansett Dell’s Lemon Shandy 6 Pack 16oz. Cans $9.99

Beer Tasting

It’s tarts and IPAs this Saturday! We’ll start with two Urban Artifacts, first being Vocoder and then their Gadget. From Sixpoint Brewery it’s Meltdown, a lush, hazy IPA and then finish with Resin the big boy that they’re known for. All great beers and another great tasting for you this Saturday!

Dan’s Feature

This week’s feature is the newest addition to The Prisoner Wine Company’s lineup. Unshackled Red Blend proved itself as a special glass pour a few weeks back and now we have it in the racks. Unshackled Red Blend opens with aromas of raspberry, blueberry and crushed violets. Flavors of spiced dried cherries, florals and a hint of white pepper translate to a balanced red blend wine supported with a generous mouth feel. A blend of Zinfandel, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Grenache is barrel aged in French and American oak casks for 10 months before bottling. If you were a fan of Dave Phinney’s creations of past this new blend is very reminiscent and sure to please and at $24.99 it won’t break the bank. Stop in and pick one up!

Dan’s Pick

La Rovesciata from Italy is my pick for this week. No doubt this is the first time we’ve recognized a pétillant naturel wine, what is that you ask??? Wine the way it was made hundreds of years ago, Pét-nat, or Méthode Ancestrale, is a method of sparkling wine production used all over the world. Unlike traditional-method sparkling wines, like Champagne, which add sugar and yeast to dry, still wine in order trigger a second fermentation and produce bubbles, pét-nat works by bottling wine that is only partially fermented. Our new wine is a tart tasty alternative, these wines only tip the scales at 11% making it a welcome reprise from other choices in the wine world. This white, while refreshingly different, and refreshing by the glass is only $22.99 a bottle and is worth giving a chance to see what the buzz is about.

Friday/Saturday Special

It’s a vegetable based Big Pizza special. In observance of Lent we’ve got you covered…Please, just don’t give up wine or beer during the Lenten season.

Final Thought

I know February is the shortest month of the year but this month has flown by. Spring has got to be around the corner because we’re doing our pre-orders for 2019 Rose’s. I hate to think my internal calendar is set for wine releases but, hey, that’s what I do. We’ve got some new exciting wines in and more coming soon. After all, Spring is a rebirth and an awakening to what the new season brings. Keep an eye out for many of our new offerings, be it beer or wine there’s something new everyday down here.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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