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Oktoberfest ended in Munich this past Monday…

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

So what’s next on our holiday schedule… Halloween? 🎃

Oktoberfest beers are still on the shelves, pumpkin is as well, guess what I’m being offered now…🎄

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday

10am to 6pm


November 8 - Tuesday Our traditional 2022 Alternative Dinner. (Sold Out)

November 17 - Thursday Nouveau Beaujolais! Beef Bourguignon, Pisaladiere, Baked Brie from noon to close to celebrate this years vintage release! No reservations required.

November 24 - Thanksgiving (Closed)

December 3 - Saturday our annual Champagne Tasting these will be gone before you know it, so please if interested, call now! While not a dinner, we will be sharing with you exquisite Champagnes along with some of our favorite heavy appetizers.

December 25 - Christmas Day (Closed)

And with that, we’re calling it a year.

Store News 🏬

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a definite change in how we’re conducting business down here. This business has always been a face to face type of operation, a sales rep would come in , ask if we’d be interested in tasting a particular group of wines and then we could choose which we liked and obviously bring some in. These days sales reps seem hard to find (we’ve lost two in one week). More and more, we are ordering online. Call me sentimental but I like doing business with people. I find myself more and more tied to my computer searching out literally everything from soup to nuts and obviously the beers and wines. It’s a much different way of doing business and one that I’m really not fond of. It’s difficult to make a special request to a computer and my computer could really care less if I’m shorted an order. I mean, if my website searches can ask if I’m a robot, then why can’t I refuse to do business with a robot, right???

Wine News 🍷

Got some great wines coming in this week! Today we received a significant amount of our favorite grower-produced champagne, Mousse & Fils, their Brut, Rose, and Special Club are now in house once again. My feature speaks to another great release, and on Friday I’ll receive my yearly allocation of Sea Smoke Pinot Noir. This is just the beginning

of some phenomenal wines that will be coming our way. While quite costly to the finances, I can’t help but be excited about finally having some of these back in stock… it’s kind of like welcoming back old friends. Just let us know if you missed them as much as we have, because we’re always looking for good homes to place them with.

Dan’s Feature ⭐️

So you like Daou Cabernet?? Well this week’s feature is just for you! Daou’s 2019 Soul of a Lion just arrived, and we are pleased to have a few bottles down here for you. While this wine is quite special at $169.99, there will be another Daou product in soon that will eclipse even this price. But until then we have the 2019 Soul of a Lion, “this 97+ wine is a blockbuster vintage that showcases how Bordeaux varieties are remarkably suited to the terroir of Daou Mountain. This wine explodes from the glass with a kaleidoscope of aromas and flavors, including blackberry, blueberry, black currant, dark cherry, sweet tobacco and licorice. An added floral dimension imparts an integrated sense of elegance and freshness. While full-bodied with ultra-high phenolic levels, this wine maintains its evenness and poise through an extraordinarily long finish. Structured, balanced and powerful, the 2019 Soul of a Lion will reveal its full magnitude after several years of careful cellaring”. We were fortunate to have in the 2018 last year and promptly sold it out. We’ve always been a fan of Daou wines and when we get in bottles such as these, we’re always excited. If you’re as big a fan as we are then stop in and pick one of these bottles. It would make a great Christmas gift!

Dan’s Pick 🥂

Les Lauzeraies 2021 Tavel Rose is my last Rose’ pick for this year (I reserve the right to feature a Rose’ Champagne later this year). Tavel is and has been my favorite Rose’ since 1977. Even though it was Spring of ’77 when I first had this wine, I find this bottle is very well suited for the Fall. “Les Lauzeraies Tavel is the “Original Rosé”, before rosé was cool. Tavel is the Rhône Valley’s rosé-only appellation. These wines have nice grip and body so they can be drunk year-round and even benefiting from aging. Make no mistake however, this is still Rosé, meant to be chilled and enjoyed with a wide range of meals; it’s a great pick for Thanksgiving! A Grenache dominant blend of numerous grapes (including the white varieties Clairette and Picpoul), this wine undergoes a longer maceration than most rosé, up to 48 hours, which brings out that deeper character and color. Displaying a generous mouthfeel, excellent purity, lovely florals (violets, roses) and a light spice note, Les Lauzeraies shows great versatility and range”. While maybe not your every day porch or patio go to this 90pt wine sells for $24.99 but is well worth the price as suggested above it’s a great bottle for Thanksgiving and for me it’s also great with anything pork, after all this big rich blend of Black Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Syrah, Clairette, Picpoul, Bourboulenc and Cinsault allows this to literally scream for food. Would I drink this by itself, you bet but it accompanies so many foods so well that I adore it on the dinner table too.

Food News 📰

We’re having a small but tasty sale on a few items down here, Danny Hubbards freezer is a wee bit to full so to make space for a few new items we’re willing to make a deal on items currently on hand. Frozen 8oz Pork Ribeyes were $8.99 NOW $5.00, Frozen Bacon Wrapped 5oz Pork Filets were $5.99 per filet NOW $3.50 and Frozen Fontinini Fully Cooked Meatballs - 6-2oz balls were $8.99 NOW $5.00. We’re always looking for new items to share with you so get these sale items while we have them and we’ll find something new to tantalize you with.

Food Feature📣

It’s OYSTER season!!! We’ve got two great Oysters in house to share with you, St. Simon from New Brunswick and Raspberry Point from PEI. Read what the market has to say about the St. Simons “The La Saint Simon Oyster from Shippagan, New Brunswick is one-of-a-kind oyster because it has an amazingly dynamic flavor -- wonderful briny start, then transforms on the palate into sweet, buttery goodness down the throat. Describing it in words does not do it justice”. Look at what they have to say about Raspberry Points, “Raspberry Points grow in off-bottom cages. Keeping them off the bottom gives them lighter flavor and nicely manicured shells. But it’s cold up here at the northern tip of the oyster’s world, so Raspberry Points take a whopping six to seven years to reach their standard 3 1/4-inch size. Raspberry Points are consistently good—salty like a Malpeque, but always nicely rounded and substantial. Raspberry Points are famed for their clean finish. Raspberry Points offer a bigger mouthful, more crunch, lots of salt, and they got down so, so easy”. We’re obviously very proud of the Oysters we bring in and their freshness, come on down and enjoy a dozen or so with us, either Rockefeller or on the half shell you’ll see why we get so excited.

Market Items 🍤 *Fresh Hand Cut to Order Demkota Strip Steaks - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Prime Demokota Hand Cut Ribeyes - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Dry Aged Prime Creekstone Farms 12oz Ribeyes - $32.99

*Fresh Dry Aged Prime Creekstone Farms 12oz Strips - $36.99

*Fresh Wagyu Burgers 2pk - $8.99

*Fresh Double Cut Pork Chops - $12.99 per chop

Frozen Prime Whole Beef Tenderloins - $23.99/lb

Frozen Center Cut 8oz Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99

Frozen Pre-cooked frozen BBQ Ribs - approx. 3lb racks $29.99

SALE ! Frozen 8oz Pork Ribeyes - $8.99 NOW $5.00

SALE ! Bacon Wrapped 5oz Pork Filets - $5.99 per filet NOW $3.50

Frozen Rinaldi Italian Sausage 4 per pound - $6.99

Frozen Nueske Cheddar and Bacon Sausages 5 per pound - $9.99

*Fresh Saint Simon Oysters New Brunswick - $24 a dzn JUST IN TODAY!

*Fresh Norwegian Salmon - $15.99/lb JUST IN TODAY!

Frozen Bakkafrost Salmon Burgers Chipotle Lime 2pk - $10.99

Frozen Bakkafrost Salmon Burgers Spinach and Feta 2pk - $10.99

Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizzas Vegetable or Cheese - $17.99

Au Gratin potatoes 4-pack - $9.99

Frozen Chilean Sea Bass 6oz - $16.99

Frozen Ahi Saku Block Tuna AAA Sushi Grade avg. 14oz - $29.99

Frozen Lobster Tails - $12.99 each

Frozen U-16/20 Raw Shrimp deveined (1lb package) - $19.99/lb

Frozen U-10 Scallops - $29.99/lb

SALE ! Frozen Fontinini Meatballs - 6 2oz balls for $8.99 NOW $5.00

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Paparedelle from Italy - $9.99/lb (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Strozzapreti from Italy - $9.99/lb (serving for 2)

1932’s Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce - $7.99

1932’s Pomodorina with Fresh Basil Pasta Sauce - $7.99

1932’s Pomodorina with Barolo Pasta Sauce - $7.99

Fusco Mezzi Rigatoni Dried Pasta from Italy - $6.99

Maurizio Spaghetti Chitarra Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99

Fusco Casarecce Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99

Drakes Jumbo Ravioli with Veal 1lb - $12.99

Drakes Jumbo Butternut Squash Ravioli 1lb - $12.99

Tribeca Bakery Asiago & Sourdough Bread - $5.50

New Wines 🍷

Daou 2019 Soul of a Lion Paso Robles Ca. $169.99

Les Lauzeraies 2021 Tavel Rose $24.99

Patraiki Wines Mavrodaphne of Patras NV Greece $16.99

Patraiki Wines Retsina NV Greece $11.99

Zeni 2019 Valpolicella Italy $21.99

Zeni 2018 Amarone Della Valpolicella Italy $51.99

Moussee Fils L’or D’Eugene NV France $57.99

Moussee Fils L’or D’Eugene Rose’ NV Cuisles, France $57.99

Moussee Fils L’or D’Eugene Rose’ NV Cuisles, France $57.99

Moussee Fils 2017 Le Fortes Terres Special Club Cuisles, France $114.99

Chateau de Pibarnon 2021 Bandol Rose’ France $38.99

Sea Smoke Southing Estate 2020 Pinot Noir $104.99

Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Ten Estate 2020 Pinot Noir $104.99

New Beers 🍺

Southern Tier Pumking Nitro 13.6oz can 4pk - $12.99

Southern Tier Creme Brûlée Imp. Milk Stout Nitro 9.6oz can 4pk - $15.99

Founders KBS Hazelnut 12oz btl 4pk - $23.99

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter 12oz can 6pk - $10.99

Columbus Brewing American Lager 12oz can 6pk - $10.99

BrewDog Hoppy Christmas IPA 12oz can 6pk- $10.99

Dragons Milk S’mores Stout 12oz btl 4pk - $21.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel 🛢 Fat Head’s Groovy Juice IPA - $134.99

North High Lager - $109.99

Jackie O’s Mystic Mama - $151.99

Jackie O’s Firefly - $121.99

North Coast Scrimshaw - $134.99

Final Thoughts💬

New wines, new foods, new beers all brought to you by humans, each and every week and that’s the way it will always be…

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant!

📞 419-424-0391

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