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Stay Safe...

A special note to all our friends…

Retail Hours for the foreseeable future will be

10am.-7pm. Monday thru Saturday

We will do our best to retain retail sales during this disruption with our hours of operation being 10am – 7pm. We still wish to serve you in this capacity but we will be doing our absolute best to minimize the contact during your visit!

Restaurant for Carry Out is suspended at this time, if any changes occur we will let you know.

Calendar of Events (all events are cancelled until further notice)

Second newsletter to follow on Thursday with list of New Wines and Beers

Final Thought

We here at the WM feel that the actions being taken by the state of Ohio are for the best for all, while we will miss your presence we mostly care about your well-being. Please comply, stay safe and hopefully soon we can enjoy seeing and serving you in the very near future.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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