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The season has begun...

Copper River Salmon season started on Monday,

and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on getting some in soon🤞

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday

10am to 6pm

Calendar 🗓

May 27 (Saturday) -- BEEF & BREW -- This time we’re cooking twice as much! 30 pounds of Ribeye on the rotisserie, sliced thin and piled high on roasted garlic bread. What’s the brew? Whatever you want -- we’ll have beer and wine specials all day long. We ran out of beef the last time, and I’m vowing that this won’t happen again!

June 3 (Saturday) -- A different type of dining experience…16 spots are available or as we count 4-4 tops for dinner. The price will be set at $75 per person and will include 4 courses! Prime Beef and a fresh seasonal vegetable will certainly be represented, along with some housemade favorites. Wines and beers will be available for purchase to accompany your dinner, and corkage fees will be waived. We’re only taking 16 people with us on this culinary journey, so give us a call and reserve your spots soon! SOLD OUT

June 24 (Saturday) -- Huhn in June featuring Huhn from Michigan Family Farms. Delicious antibiotic-free, non-GMO, free range Amish chickens! Reservations will be required for this event. We’ll start this dinner out with a beautiful salad followed by brined, grilled, and smoked chicken, corn and orzo salad, and ending with apple pie à la mode featuring Dietsch's ice cream! We’ll have 30 spots available for this event, so call soon.

July 14 (Friday) -- Bastille Day 2023!!! We’ll be serving our best French fare along with special wines and beers all day long.

August 5 (Saturday) -- It’s National Oyster Day! You know we're going to celebrate.

Store News 🏬

We had a great time down here last Saturday with our May Rosé tasting. As you can tell from the calendar, we’re adding a few more Saturday events and looking forward to having you stop in and enjoy the day with us. We realize that everyone doesn’t have a lake house, so next Saturday, we decided to host an early Memorial Day event at the store. We will be closed on Memorial Day, but there’s no reason we can’t celebrate a few days early. Plan on coming down to enjoy part of your holiday weekend with us.

Now Drinking 🍾

Wine News🍷

We brought in some new value-priced summer wines this week, and a few others that might be a little more costly. Hopefully a new summer favorite came in to be on your table as an accompaniment to whatever’s coming off the grill. We’re looking forward to helping you choose a few bottles for that next event on your porch or patio.

Dan’s Feature ⭐️

If you’re a Zinfandel fan, then this week’s feature is for you. Turley 2021 Juvenile Zinfandel is our wine of the week. It had been lost in the market for a while and has just returned, and we’re glad that it has. The term Juvenile is used to describe how this wine is composed of a variety of young vines that have been replanted in several of their old vine sites. Turley Juvenile is regularly scored as a 90+ wine, and while priced at $29.99, it’s well worth the extra few bucks for such a respected wine. Winemakers notes describe it as, “hailing from over two dozen vineyards across the beautiful Golden State, the Turley Juvenile is more of a clear bellwether for a vintage than any other wine we make. Fragrant, lifted aromas of ripe dark fruits like black raspberry and blood orange on the nose. Superb balance between acidity, tannin, and spice, with a succulent, profoundly satisfying texture. If you’re having or just thinking about having a barbecue any time soon, this is a must have, a crowd pleasing Zin that will please the most discerning palate.

Dan’s Pick 🥂

My pick is simple for this week -- well, it’s really not my pick, it’s yours! The two favorites from last weeks Rosé tasting are my two picks for this week. The first was Weingut von Winning Rosé of Pinot Noir from Germany at $19.99, and the second was Seppeltsfield Rosé of Grenache from Australia at $20.99. The von Winning Rosé opens with aromas of strawberries, white pepper, and stone with flavors of watermelon, bruised yellow apple, and tangerine on the palate. I’m not sure if everyone tasted all of these attributes, but it was all sold by the end of the event, and we scrambled to buy the last two cases in the state. The Australian Seppeltsfield Rosé of Grenache is made in a contemporary, fresh, and dry style. The aroma is of fresh white peach, strawberry, musk – fragrant and lifted. The palate offers spice, texture, and slatey acidity. In attempting to resupply this wine, we were only successful in getting 6 more back in. Both of these wines are certainly crowd pleasers, and you should stop in and pick one up while we have a few in stock.

Food News 🐟

Besides our Icelandic Arctic Char that came in on Tuesday, we have our fresh Salmon in today. For me, the most exciting thing is that Copper River Salmon may be coming very soon. Trust me, I’ll keep my eyers peeled for that announcement. As many of you already know… I have a beef problem… but when I pull out a case of Prime Ribeyes that I can sell for $15.99 per steak, and I’m seeing the price today at $18.99 my cost, I’m soooo glad that I bought them when I did. The goal is simple: the best items that I can find for the best price to be shared with you. It’s become a pastime for me to see what’s out there, find the best quality, and then purchase when the price is right. When I’m not searching out new wines, I’m looking for great prices on foods to share with you.

Food Feature 🥩

If you haven't guessed already, this week, it’s Ribeyes. And not just any old Ribeyes... these are14oz Prime CAB Prime! Only $15.99 per steak -- and believe me, that’s a steal. Sure, they’re frozen, but they don’t take much time to thaw. The current price for Prime Ribeye is ridiculously high, so when these came across my path, I definitely took advantage of it. I only have 12 of these beauties for sale, so give us a call to put a few back when you read this because I have a feeling they won’t last long.

Oyster News 🦪

Standish Shore Oysters are back. There are some down here that maintain that these are the best oysters ever… that’s a pretty big statement. All I know is that they’re easy to open and meaty, salty, and delicious. Not to mention some of the biggest we've seen yet...

Market Items 🛒

*Fresh Wagyu Hanger Steaks - Single $14.99/Double $29.99

*Fresh Wagyu Coulotte (Picanha) Sirloin Cap - $16.99/lb

*Fresh Wagyu Burgers 2pk - $8.99

*Fresh Oysters - $24 a dozen

*Fresh Icelandic Arctic Char - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Faroe Island Salmon - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Sittario Rosemary Ham - $29.99

*Fresh Michigan Family Farms Amish Free Range Chicken, Boneless Skin-On Thighs, 2.2lb - $14.99

Frozen Michigan Family Farms Amish Free Range Chicken Chicken Wings, , 2.2lb - $13.99

Frozen CAB Steak Burgers 4pk - $14.99

Frozen Choice Sirloin Cap Strip Steaks, 8oz - $9.99

Frozen Prime Ribeyes, 14oz - $18.99

Frozen Choice Ribeyes, 16oz - $18.99

Frozen Prime Whole Tenderloin - $22.99/lb

Frozen Choice Whole Tenderloin - $18.99/lb

Frozen Center Cut 8oz Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99

Frozen Center Cut 10oz Beef Tenderloin Filets - $18.99

Frozen Lamb Sirloin Roast - $22.99/lb

Frozen Lamb Racks, 2lbs - $49.99

Frozen Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin - $12.99

Frozen Pre-Cooked Frozen BBQ Ribs (approx. 3lb racks) - $23.99

Frozen Sliced Philly Cheese Steak Meat - $9.99/lb

Frozen Italian Sausages, 4 per pound - $8.99

Frozen Nueske Cheddar and Bacon Sausages 5 per pound - $9.99

Frozen Epic Curing Black Pepper Bacon - $14.99

Frozen Marinated Pre-Cooked Pork Shank - $12.99

Frozen Chilean Sea Bass, 6oz - $16.99

Frozen Bakkafrost Salmon Burgers (Spinach & Feta) 2pk - $10.99

Frozen Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizzas (Veggie) - $17.99

Frozen Ahi Saku Block Tuna AAA Sushi Grade, avg. 10oz - $19.99

Frozen Lobster Tails - $14.99

Frozen U-16/20 Raw Shrimp deveined (1lb package) - $19.99/lb

Frozen U-10 Scallops - $29.99/lb

Frozen Langoustines, approx. 1/2lb - $7.99

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Paparedelle from Italy - $14.99/lb (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Strozzapreti from Italy - $14.99/lb (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Lobster & Crab Tortelli from Italy - $16.99 1/2 lb

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Pear & Cheese Fiocchi from Italy - $7.99 1/2 lb

Fresh/Frozen Drake’s Pasta Ravioli (Veal or Butternut Squash) - $12.99/lb (serving for 2)

1932’s Pasta Sauce (Arrabbiata, Pomodorina with Fresh Basil, Pomodorina with Barolo) - $7.99

Fusco Mezzi Rigatoni Dried Pasta from Italy - $6.99

Fusco Casarecce Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99

Maurizio Spaghetti Chitarra Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99

Maurizio Trofie Dried Pasta from Italy - $7.99

Tribeca Bakery Bread (Asiago or Rosemary) - $5.50

Ace Bakery Garlic Loaf - $5.50

Orwashers Sourdough Bread - $13.99

New Wine🍷

Ridge 2019 Monte Bello, Cupertino, CA - $259.99

Otto’s Constant Dream 2022 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, NZ - $19.99

Passo di Vincenzo NV Vino Bianca, Italy - $10.99

Conti Sani Governo 2020 Rosso Toscano, Italy - $14.99

A.J. Lecluse NV Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley, France - $10.99

Berger 2021 Gelber Muskateller, Austria - $21.99

New Beer 🍺

Old Nation Boss Tweed DIPA, 4pk cans - $14.99

Crafted Warhammer Apple Blueberry Mead, 500mL bottle - $10.99

Ginger's Revenge Alcoholic Ginger Beer, 4pk cans - $13.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel 🛢

Half Acre Daisy Cutter IPA - $118.99

Outerbelt Glasstown Lager - $89.99

Dented Silo Amber Ale - $121.99

AleSmith Tower of Flower IPA - $141.99

Jackie O's Off Duty Lifeguard Tropical Wheat - $134.99

Final Thoughts 💬

I know it’s only the third week of May, but for some reason, I’m running a week ahead. Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer, and it’s going to be here… well, next week! Picnics, gatherings, and trips to the lake are all on the table for next week. In any case, we have the ingredients to help you through yet another holiday. Burgers, brats, steaks, and more are available, along with your favorite beverages. Plan ahead, stop in, and we’ll help you plan that gathering.

Cheers from all of us here at the Wine Merchant!

📞 419-424-0391

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