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There’s nothing in town to celebrate this week…

So that means its time to make your own celebration!!!

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday

10am to 6pm!


Saturday, August 28 –1- 3pm It’s All about the Grill. SOLD OUT!

Saturday, September 25 – It’s downtown Oktoberfest. Our Hogtoberfest Dinner here at the Wine Merchant 5-7pm.


Tuesday, November 2-- At 6pm we’ll be hosting our annual Alternative Wine Dinner


Thursday, November 18 – 2021 Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting and Dinner.


Saturday, December 4-- 6-8pm will be our Premier Champagne Tasting


Wine News

Only one new wine this week, besides needing a feature I wanted to share this wine while it’s still semi available.

Dan’s Feature

Gaja Ca’Marcanda 2017 Promis from Tuscany is my feature for this week. Had a hard time saying no to this wine since Tuscany is where I’d like to be right now. ”The proprietary name Promis (pronounced proh-MEESS) was created by the Gaja family to denote commitment, expectation, fulfillment, and hope. The promise of quality and the reward of diligence and excellence. The grapes are grown in Bolgheri and in the neighboring area of Bibbona planted on the terre brune (rich, dark soils) which consist primarily of lime and clay. The climate - hot summer days, freshened by brisk sea air and cool nights - is ideal for the grapes grown here”. I was lucky to spend an afternoon one sunny day in this region and fell in love with Super Tuscans, this however was not the bottle I drank that day but the makeup of this bottle is very similar, 55% Merlot, 35% Syrah and 10% Sangiovese making this blend a classic Super Tuscan. Old world vineyards accompanied with new world varietals and a splash of Tuscan Sangiovese makes this wine delicious. Described on the nose as “rich and concentrated with hints of blueberries, licorice and cocoa” and on the palate as fresh and juicy. Balsamic and appealing scents of graphite lead to mellow notes of rhubarb. Fine-grained and silky tannins”. What goes best with this wine as always a great steak or a rich and savory braised meal. Sure you can have it with charcuterie and cheese, either way you’ll see why I brought this bottle in this week. Priced attractively at $49.99 you still have money left over for a steak or two…

Dan’s Pick

With just a few more week’s of summer left I’ve chosen a Rose’ for this weeks pick. Now, mind you, I’ll drink Rose’ all year round but spring and summer is their heyday. Louis Jadot 2020 Coteaux Bourguignons Rose’ is a perfect wine for this time of year while still having great fruit it still should be regarded as a dry, light, festive and fresh young wine. While always great with Salmon or Pork this light and lively wine will be great with anything you want to serve it with or simply enjoy by itself and at $11.99 it’s a go to bottle. Why do I favor French Rose’s so much…simply put France invented Rose’, California White Zin… are there great Rose’s from the states, you bet however I like going back to the original source for my perfect summer Rose’s.

Food News

Food prices are a continuing mystery, every time I begin to think that prices are stabilizing or begin to decrease the opposite occurs. I would be a horrible stockbroker. Our logic is simple here, buy what you can when the prices are down and try to keep it in stock. Beef is usually the culprit in shifting prices whereas with seafood I can always find affordable selections. Whatever you’re looking for stop here and take a look at what we have for your table.

Food Feature of the Week

I know we’re the Wine Merchant but on weekends we’ve become the new DTOB (down town oyster bar), we enjoy bringing in different oysters each week and serving them on the half shell or Rockefeller style. How long will we keep it up, pretty much until I’m diagnosed with gout… all kidding aside we will try to always carry oysters. For this week we’re featuring a brand new oyster for your tasting pleasure, and when I say new it’s never been in the states before OPUS Oysters are now here and in the cooler. Described as the “true gem of New Brunswick's crispy-cold waters, discover Opus, a masterpiece in taste. A silky flesh delicately infused with hazelnut, this oyster is simply flawless. Slowly sculpted over 7 years, this oyster is the quintessence the sea has to offer”. Forget that Hazelnut nonsense, these are crisp and bright with great salinity, while there the same price as this week’s Acadian Pearls they’ll be fun to try against each other. Stop in for a plate of the freshest Oysters you can get in town.

Market Items…

Fresh Cut Certified Angus Strip Steaks - $20.99lb

Fresh Choice Coulotte (Sirloin Cap Fillets) - $15.99lb

Fresh Certified Angus Beef Hand Cut Ribeyes - $18.99lb

Fresh Wagyu Burgers 2pk - $8.99

Frozen Trimmed Choice Hanger Steaks - $13.99 each

Frozen 8oz Beef Tenderloin Center Cuts - $13.99 each

Nueske Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst 5 links per pound - $9.99

Rinaldi Italian Sausage (our favorite) 4 links per pound - $6.99

Frozen Kan Kan 2½lb avg Cheshire Chops $12.99lb

Fresh Heritage Kurobuta Berkshire Pork Chops - $12.99 per chop

Frozen Turkey Legs 2 per pack 5lbs of meat with a handle $13.99

Oysters Acadian Pearl PEI - $18.00 a dozen

Oysters Opus PEI - $18.00 a dozen

Fresh Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon -$16.99lb

Frozen Large Langostines - $15.99lb

Frozen U-13/15 Raw Shrimp deveined (1lb package) - $17.99lb

Frozen U-10 Scallops – $21.99lb

Tribeca Bakery Sourdough, Rosemary and Asiago Cheese Bread $5.50

Tribeca Bakery Olive Bread $5.50

***Burger with Olive Bread Bun****

New Wines

Gaja Ca’Marcanda 2017 Promis Bolgheri, Italy $49.99


Urban Artifact Center Piece 4pk Cans $11.99

Weihenstephaner Festbier 6pk Bottles $11.99

Erdinger Oktoberfest Weissbier 6pk Bottle $11.99

Masthead Haunted Hayride Pumpkin Ale 4pk Cans $11.99

Ace Pumpkin 6pk Bottles $11.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel

3 Floyds Munsterfest - $116.99

Outerbelt Olaf Double IPA - $147.99

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue - $154.99

Final Thought

I was always a news hound, I began watching news early as a child then later I needed it for the classroom, it’s a hard habit to break. Whether it’s hope or despair I continue keeping my eye on what’s happening in all that surrounds me. I’ve said this before and obviously I’m saying it again, keep a closer eye on the smaller daily details, a great meal, a great glass of wine at the table, on the porch or patio and remember tomorrow’s another day.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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