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Yep, you got it, Saturday is the first day of Spring 2021!!!

“That Place” which was referred to in last weeks newsletter is where we’re going, a Downtown Market! One where fine wines and craft beers merge with hand cut prime beef, heritage pork & fresh seafood come together, all items that you can take home tonight for dinner and still enjoy a libation from the bar. Starting May 1st, we’ll be ready to welcome you back to the whole store!

Store Calendar

March 18 & 19 Lenten Specials – We’ve got great Fresh Fish and Italian Pasta down here all week for you.

-Brunch Bags – Rosemary Ham & Aged Gruyere Croissants, Fruit and your choice of libations!

Our hours,

Monday – Saturday 10am to 6pm!


We’re doing our best to keep the shelves full but I can guarantee you they’re full today. No new wines this week but we made certain to bring in last week’s pick to make sure everyone gets a chance to try this nearly new French Syrah. While some wines are in short supply and others just aren’t in the supply chain yet we’ll keep trying to get some new favorites in soon.

Dan’s Wine Feature

For many years we’ve carried all the Frank Family Wines that we have been able to bring in, the Frank Family 2018 Merlot is a new one for us. Like everything this family produces their Merlot will not disappoint you. Maybe it was winery only or the fact that Ohio never received any, but either way this $49.99 Merlot is something to get excited about. “This wine opens with fresh plums that intertwine with coffee & cedar. An effortless mix of blackberries & baking spice, the Merlot is complex & elegant, offering smooth layers of pomegranate & a depth of dark chocolate that carries through the persistent finish.” I know many have long looked down upon Merlot and believe me, that’s a huge mistake. This rich, complex wine will hold up against anything you want to put against it. While I didn’t get many I’ve got enough so that you can enjoy one this weekend.

Dan’s Pick

It’s cheap and cheerful this week for my pick, La Maximus 2018 Coteaux Bourguignons Grande Reserve. This $11.99 bottle of French Burgundy is just what we needed, a great value French Pinot Noir. The Burgundy region of France is not only historic in their production of this varietal but has served as a world class standard for what Pinot Noir should be. This wine is aptly described as, “ruby red in color with purple reflections. Very fruity on the nose, with aromas of small black and red fruits (raspberry, blackberry). The tannins on this bottle are smooth and supple allowing one to enjoy a lengthy finish”. We’re always looking for bargains and we just couldn’t say no to bringing it in and sharing it with you.

Food News

We have a new addition to the store this week, something that we decided would make shopping simpler to all. Behind the front counter is a rather large double glass door freezer that will soon be filled with items that we normally had to dash back to the kitchen, search for and then bring them back to the counter. This soon to be stocked appliance will have many of your already favorite items and of course many new selections for you to enjoy. Just what we needed another large energy devouring monster, but hey we’re excited to fill it with new delectable foods.

We’re coming up on the order date for Easter Dinner, this is a preorder Dinner Kit for $49.99, we will continue to take orders through Monday March 29!

Food Feature of the Week

It’s almost officially Spring, so why not stop in and load up on Italian Sausages, Kurobuta Pork Chops or some Prime cut Steaks to enjoy this weekend? So, clean that grill and stop down for any of our prime items to usher in this new season in style.


Fresh Black Angus Prime Strip Steaks - $18.99lb

Fresh Certified Angus Beef hand cut Choice Ribeyes - $18.99lb

Dry Aged Prime Wagyu 32oz Bone in Ribeye - Market Price

Fresh Wagyu Burgers 2pk - $7.99

Fresh Kobe Beef Top Sirloin Baseball Cuts 8oz - $12.99

Rinaldi Italian Sausage (our favorite) 4 links per pound - $6.99

Frozen 4oz Beef Tenderloin Medallion’s - $24.99 2.5lb bag

Frozen Butchers Preferred Center Cut 8oz Tenderloin Filets - $12.99

Fresh Heritage Kurobuta Berkshire Pork Chops - $12.99 per Chop

Glacier Bay Oysters $18.00 for a bakers dozen

Fresh Alaskan Sablefish Filets - $20.99lb

Fresh Alaskan Halibut Fillets - $21.99lb

Fresh Salmon Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia Fillets -$16.99lb

Alaskan King Crab Legs and Claws Frozen - $34.99lb

Frozen 1pound bags Lobster Claws - $15.99

Frozen 16/20 count Raw Shrimp peeled deveined 1lb - $15.99

Barramundi Asian Sea Bass Frozen 7-9oz cryovac fillet - $8.99 each

Saku Block Ahi Tuna AAA Sushi grade - $14.99 per block

Chilean Black Mussels 1lb Bags $4.99

U-10 Scallops frozen – $18.99lb

New Wines/Cocktails

Nothing new this week but at least the shelves are filled…

Charles Brotte 2019 Grand Vallon Syrah Vaucluse, France $11.99 BACK IN STOCK! Dan’s Pick from last week.

New Beer

Ace Mango Cider 6pk cans $9.99

Coranado Orange Avenue Shandy 6pk 16oz cans $11.99

Troeggs Boysenberry Tart Ale 6pk can $12.99

Greenflash Tropical Dna 6pk can $12.99

Masthead Augenblick 4pk 16oz can $10.99

Jackie O’s Barrel Aged Dar Apparition Coffee Vanilla Single Bottle $11.99

The Bruery Bakery Sticky Bun Single Can $8.99

Urban Artifact Astronaut Food 4pk Cans $29.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel

Jackie O’s “Who Cooks For You” IPA $132.99

North Coast Scrimshaw $109.99

Final Thought

So,,,we’re becoming a Downtown Market, where coincidentally you can drink, speaking of the bar…as I mentioned last week, we will be reopening, however, our hours will remain 10am to 6pm. Can you come in and have a drink? You bet. We’ll have some tasty tidbits for you, but not a full kitchen preparing that which you were used to. Why are we doing this? Well it’s simple. The bar and restaurant didn’t survive the pandemic and it was forced to close, and during that time we learned to move in different directions with a much smaller staff and you know what, we liked that direction and we like where we ended up. So please, don’t look at this as a loss. Look at this as gaining a new market in town where you can drink and shop six days a week. Without any unforeseen circumstances we will be opening the back of the house May 1st 10:00am…

Pease bring a mask when you come visit us at the store.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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