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Happy New Years!

ready or not 2024 is coming…

Hours of Operation

Monday & Tuesday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday - Saturday 10am to 8pm

Calendar 🗓

January 13th - Saturday - Cacciucco for our 2nd Saturday event.

January 27th - Saturday - It’s our BIG Oyster Saturday!!!

February 13th - It’s FAT TUESDAY! Join us for our annual event!

February 14th - Valentines Day Dinner (Reservations required)

Store News 🏬

Christmas left our racks a little wanting but the great news is they’re full and ready for a New Years celebration. We’ve got some great bottles of Champagne for you to ring in the New Year with! 

Wine News🍷

CHAMPAGNE! Doesn’t that just say it all… We pride ourselves on our Champagne inventory we’ve got them from $450.99 to Sparkling wines priced at $10.99 and plenty of all of them… Needless to say I drink a fair amount of these special wines and I have opinions on many of them but if i’m to choose a favorite it’s been the same for several years… Famille Mousse’ Eugene remains my all time favorite…OK, OK I absolutely love Cristal but seeing how it’s $450 I try and limit myself to only the biggest of celebrations. Mousse’ priced at $69.99 makes this a bit easier at the register. Why is this my favorite, simple I like red to white, meaning I like Champagnes that use red varietals to produce this spectacular beverage. Mousse’ is comprised of 80% Pinot Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir giving it on the palate a unique and delicious taste. Described by others as, “delivering a lovely and quite refined aromatic constellation of white peach, apple, patissière, chalky soil tones and a lovely topnote of gently musky, pinot meunier-derived floral tones. On the palate the wine is elegant, full-bodied, focused and very long, with fine mousse, excellent backend mineral drive, bright acids and excellent focus and grip on the complex finish”. I felt it necessary to share a proper description because mine is very simple…Yes, I can drink the whole bottle and it’s just damn good Champagne!

Dan’s Feature ⭐️

Yamhill Valley Vineyards 2014 Estate Reserve Pinot Noir is my feature for this week (again), I featured this once before this year and was finally able to get my hands on the last 2 cases in the state. This highly rated Pinot once was $39.99 but we have it for $29.99!!! This wine was a real hit the last time and while I only got one case people have been asking about it ever since. So, if you’re not drinking Riesling with that pork on New Years Day this would be the bottle you have to have!

Dan’s Pick 🥂

For me Riesling is my bottle for New Years dinner, Pork, Sauerkraut and everything else on the table screams for Riesling. Thus my pick being one of the best I have in the store, Weingut Max Ferd. Richter 2022 Elisenberg Spatlese. This wine is quite aptly described by the winery as having, “Intense complexity! Tight character of juicy wild berries, red currant, quince and ripe pear as well as honey viscosity. Refreshing and breath taking”. Enough said… While not the least expensive Riesling in the racks the $34.99 price point can easily be justified for such an event as New Years Day dinner. If you’re dining the way many of us are next Monday afternoon this is a great addition to the table.

Food News 🦃

It’s all about New Years Eve and New Years Day! We have all that you need for these two back to back events. For New Years Eve we have Beef Tenderloin, Ribeye Steaks, Wagyu burgers, Alaskan King Crab, Lobster Tails and big beautiful 13/15 count Shrimp, I mean what else would one need? 🤔 Well, we did bring in some Foie Gras medallions and they would dress that Wagyu burger up to a whole new standard. When we take a look at New Years Day, we’ve got it all,  Dbl cut Pork Chops, Whole Pork Loins, Sakura Berkshire 10 bone Frenched Racks and all the sauerkraut you‘d need to prepare them for the table. While we aren’t a one stop shop we have then best provisions for your holiday celebrations.

Oyster News 🦪

Two hundred coming in on Thursday afternoon! Ran out last week and we’re trying to make certain that doesn’t happen again this week…Raspberry Point from PEI which are becoming a house favorite are the perfect size and shape oyster for baking or on the half shell. Cape Breton Oysters from New Brunswick will be our other 100. We like choosing new oysters when we have the chance. While we have had Raspberry Points in the past they’re becoming our go to oysters. Cape Bretons will be our first. If oysters are on the menu, stop in and pick up a few or if you just want to enjoy them with us well we’d love to have you. Fresh cold water oysters are here for either way you want them, hope to see you soon.

Market Items 🛒  

*Fresh Wagyu Hanger Steaks, 2 Pack (1lb) - $29.99

*Fresh Wagyu Burgers 4pk - $16.99 (arriving tomorrow)

*Fresh Oysters - $24 a dozen (arriving tomorrow)

*Fresh North Atlantic Salmon - $18.99/lb (arriving tomorrow)

Frozen Whole BMS 6/7 Wagyu Tenderloin - $39.99/lb (1 remaining)

Frozen CAB Steak Burgers 4pk - $14.99

Frozen CAB Dry-Aged Ribeyes  - $18.99/lb

Frozen Center Cut 8oz Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99 

Frozen Choice Sirloin Cap Strip Steaks, 8oz - $9.99

Frozen Lamb Sirloin Roast - $22.99/lb

Frozen Lamb Racks, 2lbs - $49.99

Frozen Spiral Cut Dearborn Hams, approx. 9lb - $27.99

Frozen Pre-Cooked Frozen BBQ Ribs (approx. 3lb racks) - $23.99

Frozen Bratwurst, 5pk - $8.99

Frozen Italian Sausages, 4 per pound - $8.99

Frozen Dearborn Knockwurst, 5pk - $8.99

Frozen Black Pepper Bacon - $14.99

Frozen Red Alaskan King Crab 4/7 - $44.99lb

Frozen Chilean Sea Bass, 6oz - $16.99 

Frozen Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizzas (Cheese or Pepperoni) - $17.99 

Frozen Ahi Saku Block Tuna AAA Sushi Grade, avg. 16oz - $19.99 

Frozen U-16/20 Raw Shrimp deveined (1lb package) - $19.99

Frozen U-10 Scallops - $29.99/lb 

Frozen Lobster Tails, 2pk - $35.99

Frozen Whole Petite Potatoes - $8.99

Frozen Oven-Roasted Potato Wedges - $8.99

Frozen Arrezzio Basil Pesto, 16oz - $18.99

Fresh/Frozen Drake’s Pasta Ravioli (Veal or Butternut Squash) - $12.99/lb (serving for 2) 

1932’s Pasta Sauce (Arrabbiata, Pomodorina with Fresh Basil, Pomodorina with Barolo) - $7.99 

Fusco Mezzi Rigatoni Dried Pasta from Italy - $6.99 

Fusco Casarecce Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99 

Maurizio Spaghetti Chitarra Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99 

Maurizio Trofie Dried Pasta from Italy - $7.99 

Tribeca Bakery Bread (Rosemary or Asiago) - $5.50 

New Wine🍷

Yamhill Valley Vineyards 2014 Estate Reserve Pinot Noir $29.99

New Beer 🍺 

Toppling Goliath Nepo 4pk Cans $18.99

Troegs Nugget Nectar 6pk Bottles $13.99

New Holland Tales of Gold 4pk Bottles $17.99

Arcobrau Moosier 6pk Bottles $12.99

Arcobrau Coronator 6pk Bottles $14.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel 🛢  

Half Acre Daisy Cutter IPA $132.99

Alesmith IPA $128.99

Weidemann’s Amber $109.99

Toppling Goliath Pils $114.99

Final Thoughts 💬

It’s been a great year and we have all of you to thank for that, while we move on to 2024 I reach another milestone (another birthday) yeah…it’s a big one. I’ve been making claims such as I’m doing once again about stepping back and this resolution is a bit different than the others. While not necessarily occurring on Jan. 2nd it will be a rolling start to me handing over the reigns to who else but Chelsea. I’ll still be coming around and doing many of the things I love about this business but there’s no one better prepared than Chelsea to continue the journey we’ve chosen. So once again it’s time to say…

Cheers from all of us here at the Wine Merchant!

📞 419-424-0391

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