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Let’s be honest, what goes best with a great bottle of wine or a delicious cold craft beer?

Well, besides an empty glass… please check out our new food section!


Simply put give me a call I’ll walk and shop with you over the phone, ring you out and bring it to your car…

Hours and operations will be Monday thru Saturday.

12:00 – 5pm.


Dan’s Feature and Pick all rolled into 1!

If you’re fan of big Pinot Noir I still have it at $17.00 off a bottle! Not real sure why they’re continuing this price and don’t really care. We sold out last week in mere moments and guess what it’s back in! Walt Blue Jay Pinot Noir was always priced at $44.99 now at $27.99 it’s making me consider buying all that’s left in the State.


Food special this week, Well of course it’s the Beef and some Salmon, Jumbo Eggs, Sweet and White Idaho bakers…

Just like the Walt Pinot, we sold out of everything very quickly, so this week I went BIG! Upwards of a 100 lbs of Ribeyes and Strip Steaks. While I can’t carry the same cost as last week this is still a great bargain. The beef has already proven itself, the Salmon has as well but few had the opportunity to have this. We have a few lbs of FRESH Bay of Fundy Salmon on this week’s order 3 ½ pound full Filets. (SOLD OUT) if interested in this product please call.

Rib-Eye $7.50 a pound

Strips $8.50 a pound

Bay of Fundy Salmon 2-8oz Filets $16.00 or (1) whole Filet for $48.00 (SOLD OUT) if interested in this product please call.

And, of course if you need a few Idaho Potatoes for baking or Sweet Potatoes the size of my head, we have those too, $1 a piece and you’re almost there for setting the table…

Fresh Jumbo Eggs $2.00 a dozen (while not a great price they’re fresh and here).

Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towel we’ve got a bit to share just ask…

Six Barrels available;

North Coast Scrimshaw -$114.99

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat - $92.99

Urban Artifact SPYGLASS - $117.99

Jackie O’s Mystic Mama IPA - $134.99

Bells Oberon - $129.99


Trying to keep inventory up for all and only brining in a few new wines, well apparently just one new one and of course it’s a Rose’…

“M” de Minuty 2019 Rose’ Cotes de Provence, France $19.99

Juggernaut Cabernet is back in stock at $19.99

Sangue Di Giuda is back in stock at $14.99


Got a few new ones,

Jackie O’s Fluid Forms IPA 4 pack 12oz cans $11.99

Stone Soaring Dragon Imperial IPA 6 pack 12oz cans $16.99

Revolution DDH Brunch-Hero Hazy IPA 4 pack 16 oz cans $13.99

Final Thought

We don’t necessarily mean to be the local butcher or grocer but when we find bargains in both food and wine why not pass them along. If there’s something you would like to see if we can get please call… It helps our bottom line and our purveyors as well. Eat well, stay well and remember, all this will pass…Please be safe.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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