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Risk vs. Reward, Sacrifice vs. Security???


Simply put, give me a call I’ll walk and shop with you over the phone, ring you out and bring it to your car…

We’re doing our best down here but we think a few changes are in order.

In the essence of safety of our employees I will be requesting that they remain home beginning Monday March 28th. Until further notice.

Beginning Monday March 30 we will only be open for curbside pick up with credit card phone payment.

Hours and operations will be Monday thru Saturday.

12:00 – 5pm.

Please be patient and I will do my best to provide the best service I can.

Six Barrels available;

Bells Oberon - $129.99

North Coast Scrimshaw -$114.99

Alpine Nelson IPA - $144.99

Pavlovs Brewing Stinkeye IPA -$169.99

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat - $92.99

Urban Artifact SPYGLASS - $117.99


We fortunately are very well stocked, maybe not all your favorites but certainly most. Specifically we ordered the best value priced wines that you’ve come to enjoy. The accompanying list is by no means a complete list, just an example of what we’ve stocked up on…


Shelves are still very good we aren’t bringing in any new feature beers we’re just trying to keep plenty of your old favorites in stock.

Final Thought

My best bet is that the Wine Merchant has been a part of Findlay for the past 40 years…I’m willing to say that when Jerry Mcdonald started this business forty or so years ago that his primary purpose was not profit, it was the love of wine and his desire to share that experience to all who wanted to learn, I was one of those fortunate ones. Forty years later we’re carrying on what we believe the original mission was. The most important part of this store has never been the profitability; the most important has always been, first and foremost the staff. Without them there is no Wine Merchant. So I think you can understand why I want them safe, at home, with their loved ones and I feel pretty certain you do as well.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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