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20 days till the election, 10 days until OSU Football,

I know which one I’m most looking forward to…

Hours and operations will be Monday thru Saturday.

10:00 – 6pm.


You know what time of year it is when you’re finishing up your 2020 Beaujolais Nouveau orders and receiving your shipment of grower produced Champagnes. Even with uncertainty in the air we’re still ordering the wines you’ve always enjoyed.

Dan’s Wine Feature

Paitin 2017 Barbera d’Alba Serra is my feature for this week, “although known for their Nebbiolo, Paitin’s Barbera is not to be missed. Fruit for this juicy and fruit-forward wine comes from chalky clay soils, leading to a mineral-driven and high acid wine marked by flavors of sour cherries, raspberries, and fresh cut herbs”. This is a great wine for pizza, pasta or anything off the grill. We haven’t carried a Barbera for awhile and when tasting this particular wine this week it was an easy decision. If you’re a fan of Italian wines under twenty dollars this $19.99 will fit the bill, stop in and pick one up for this weekend.

Dan’s Pick

This week’s pick is from Bonny Doon Vineyard, Le Cigare Blanc Beeswax Vineyard. Normally we have sold this wine for $19.99, but our distributor wants to blow out the 2015 vintage so hey, we have it now for you at $13.99! Le Cigare Blanc is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Picpoul making it a great wine for sharing with a nice cheese, baked fish or certainly roast chicken. With notes of honeysuckle, lilac and almond blossom this creamy rich and luscious wine makes this a great buy at this price. Randall Grahm as one of the original Rhone Rangers produces unbelievable Rhone style wines that are not only superb but Organic, Sustainable and Biodynamic. We’ve got a few available down here this week stop in before they’re all gone.

Food News

Had a customer in last week who was so to speak “In the Business”, his comments were, “you can’t be making anything off this beef, you have to be losing money”. My simple response to that was, I’m not losing money but I’m not making a whole lot either. Our goal has been to find and provide you with great Steaks and Salmon and although we’ve searched and tried out many we believe we’ve found them. From great wines and beers to Prime Steaks and Seafood we’re here to help…

Food Feature of the Week

I’ve been foolish at times with both food and wine but this week I took it to a new level…Having a little celebration dinner Tuesday with Chelsea and TJ (explanation offered in final thoughts) we brought in as a trial 100 fresh oysters from New Brunswick…Besides having a couple of our Prime Ribeyes we managed to consume 65 oysters during that dinner, 18 during lunch Wednesday and as an afternoon snack we polished off the remainder, 100 oysters in less than 24hrs. While I’m not suggesting that you try this at home, I do want to share with you that when you receive this newsletter there will be another 200 available down here, stop in quick so we don’t have to go through this experience again.


Beef Tenderloin Frozen 8oz Center Cut Filet $12.99

Whole Fresh Beef Tenderloin $15.99lb

Fresh Iowa PRIME “Frenched” Tomahawk Ribeye - $16.99lb

Fresh PRIME Purely Meat Co. Ribeyes - $21.99lb

CAB PRIME Steak Burgers 4pk - $9.99

Fresh Dry Aged Wagyu Steak Burgers 2pk (1-lb) - $7.99

Fresh East Coast Boomamoto Oysters. $1.50 each $18.00 bakers dozen!

Scottish Salmon filets -$16.99 lb

Mahi Mahi 5-7oz - $4.99 each

Grouper 6-8oz fillet - $8.99 each

Swordfish 8oz steak - $6.99 each

Barramundi Asian Sea Bass Frozen 7-9oz cryovac filet - $8.99

Saku Block Ahi Tuna AAA Sushi grade - $14.99 per block

U-10 Scallops frozen – $18.99lb


Paitin 2017 Barbera d’Alba Serra Italy $19.99

Luchador 2016 Tempranillo Toro Spain $14.99

Hess 2016 Lion Tamer Red Blend California $39.99

Corliss 2016 Cabernet Walla Walla, Washington $104.99

Bonny Doon 2015 Le Cigare Blanc Rhone style White blend $13.99


Founders Big Luscious 4pk bottles $9.99

Jackie O’s Ritual Distruction Double Hazy IPA 4pk Cans $11.99

Advent German 12 Biers of Christmas Variety Pack Kaleo $39.99

Left Hand Nitro Galactic Cowboy 4pk cans $9.99


Alesmith IPA $126.99

MadTree Lift Kolsch $104.99

Final Thought

Sometimes I feel like I’m always saying goodbye. TJ has been one of our most valuable employees for over five years and will be leaving us tomorrow. She’s not moving away but taking on an exciting new job that certainly draws on her education and past job experiences. We will miss her tremendously, she can’t be replaced and it will take awhile to adjust but we truly understand and are very, very excited for her, best wishes to one our best…

Please, please continue safe practices and please bring a mask when you come visit us at the store.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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