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Happy Groundhog Day!

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday

10am to 6pm

Dunxsutawney Dan has spoken -- there are 6 more weeks of red wine.

In honor of this auspicious day, we’ll be serving groundhog on Saturday, all day long…

Calendar 🗓

Feb. 4 (Sat) - Food Special: Poutine

Feb. 11 (Sat) - “Souper” Bowl Saturday, my other favorite Italian soup, all day Saturday: RIBOLLITA! Tuscan vegetables, deep vegetable broth, and cannelini beans simmered with day-old bread and drizzled with a garlic and rosemary olive oil. This hearty Tuscan favorite will warm you and give you something to cheer about if you don't have a team to cheer on Sunday.

Feb. 14 (Tues) - Valentine's Day Dinner (SOLD OUT)

Feb. 18 (Sat) - National Drink Wine Day!

Feb. 21 (Tues) - It’s Fat Tuesday, and that means a variety of Cajun specials will be served up for this annual event. No reservations; just hearty appetites and an attitude of "laissez les bons temps rouler!"

Store News 🏬

No, we’re not serving groundhog, but we will be serving POUTINE this Saturday! What’s poutine??? It’s all the deliciousness in a single platter: french fries, a comfortable covering of fresh cheese curds, all slathered in beef gravy. I mean, what’s not to like?!

Wine News🍷

While there’s not a whole lot of new wines this week, we did taste and purchase a few new additions for next week. Trust me, we’re working. Starting at 10:15 yesterday morning, we began tasting what would end up being 12 different wines, and we ended up selecting 3 to bring in and share with you. We’re in the process of choosing some new exciting wines, so stay tuned and keep checking in with us.

Dan’s Feature ⭐️

Pegau 2020 Côtes du Rhône Maclura Vineyards is my feature for this week. This $19.99 bottle of Côtes du Rhône is about as close as you can get to a Châteauneuf du Pape for such great price. I really like what Wine Spectator has to say about this wine: “Notes of baked cherry and cassis overlay warm earth and sweet baking spices in this red, which is solidly structured, with sinewy tannins coming into play and charred alder notes adding to the dark, brooding frame. Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault.” I’m a big fan of Pegau; many times i’ve enjoyed their Chateauneuf, and just maybe these grapes could have ended up as just that but instead were destined for this great CdR that will go best with grilled meats or hearty vegetarian dishes.

Dan's Pick 🥂

Daisy Pinot Grigio is back! Charles Bieler and family produce this wine along with a few others from their property in Washington State. We began bringing this wine in years ago after tasting it for the first time along with Charles Bieler himself. This wine is a “blend of four white grape varieties, co-fermented at the precise moment of optimal ripeness. Daisy opens with gorgeous aromas of grapefruit, lychee, licorice and summer flowers, framed by a flinty minerality. The palate delivers an intriguing interplay between rich, ripe notes and a firm acid backbone.” I always remember this wine as a simple, easy drinking white that was very well received. Having been lost in the market for a while, we’re excited to have it in stock for you. If you’re a Pinot Grigio or crisp white wine drinker, this wine is a tasty treat that’s finally back.

Food Feature 🐄

With a little over a week before the Super Bowl, this week's features will be appetizers and such for the much awaited game. We’ve got some great ribs down here that are precooked and only need heated and sauced with your favorite Kansas City BBQ sauce, or we've got Philly Cheese Steak meat cut and portioned for you and a block of easy melt cheese! Charcuterie of course will be available as cut and weight for you to build your own or obviously ones that are prepared by us. Burgers, bratwursts and the likes, along with brioche buns are always here for your selection too. Shrimp cocktail, of course…Just let us know how you plan on celebrating and we’ll help you prepare a winning combination for everyone!

Market Items 🛒

Feature: Frozen Sliced Philly Cheese Steak Meat - $9.99/lb

Feature: Frozen Pre-Cooked BBQ Ribs (approx. 3lb racks) - $23.99

*Fresh PRIME Hand Cut Demkota Strip Steaks - $18.99/lb *Fresh Choice Hand Cut Ribeyes - $18.99/lb

*Fresh Wagyu Burgers 2pk - $8.99

*Fresh Double Cut Duroc Pork Chops - $12.99 per chop

Frozen Center Cut 8oz Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99

Frozen Mortons Choice 12oz Bone-In Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99

Frozen CAB Steak Burgers 4pk - $12.99

Frozen Nueske Cheddar and Bacon Sausages 5 per pound - $9.99

Frozen German Knockwurst - $9.99 *Fresh PEI Oysters - $24 a dozen

*Fresh Faroe Island Salmon - $18.99/lb

Frozen Center Cut 8oz Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99

Frozen Mortons Choice 12oz Bone-In Beef Tenderloin Filets - $16.99

Frozen CAB Steak Burgers 4pk - $12.99

Frozen Nueske Cheddar and Bacon Sausages 5 per pound - $9.99

Frozen German Knockwurst - $9.99

Frozen Chilean Sea Bass 6oz - $16.99

Frozen Barramundi - $8.99

Frozen Bakkafrost Salmon Burgers (Spinach & Feta) 2pk - $10.99

Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizzas (Vegetable or Cheese) - $17.99

Frozen Ahi Saku Block Tuna AAA Sushi Grade avg. 10oz - $19.99

Frozen Lobster Tails - $9.99

Frozen U-16/20 Raw Shrimp deveined (~1lb package) - $19.99/lb

Frozen U-10 Scallops - $29.99/lb

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Paparedelle from Italy - $14.99/lb (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Strozzapreti from Italy - $14.99/lb (serving for 2)

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Lobster & Crab Tortelli from Italy - $16.99 1/2 lb

Fresh/Frozen Bacchini Pear & Cheese Fiocchi from Italy - $7.99 1/2 lb

Fresh/Frozen Drake’s Pasta Ravioli (Veal or Butternut Squash) - $12.99/lb (serving for 2)

Frozen Surgital Gnocchi from Italy - $15.99/2.2lbs

1932’s Pasta Sauce (Arrabbiata, Pomodorina with Fresh Basil, Pomodorina with Barolo) - $7.99

Fusco Mezzi Rigatoni Dried Pasta from Italy - $6.99 Fusco Casarecce Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99

Maurizio Spaghetti Chitarra Dried Pasta from Italy - $5.99 Maurizio Trofie Dried Pasta from Italy - $7.99 Tribeca Bakery (Asiago or Sourdough) Bread - $5.50

New Wines🍷 Pegau 2020 Côtes du Rhône Maclura Vineyards, Rhône Valley, FR - $19.99

Bieler Family Wines 2021 Daisy Pinot Grigio, Columbia Valley, WA - $14.99

Hall Ellie’s 2017 Cabernet, Napa Valley, CA - $39.99

New Beers🍺 We got a couple of Coronado beers back in this week, and I guess I accidentally ordered Coronado glasses as well, but they're so nice that we decided to keep them, and you are of course welcome to purchase some for your own collection. They're a must-have for you San Diego fans (or so say a couple of my staff members).

Coronado Never Better DIPA, 6pk cans - $13.99

Coronado Weekend Vibes IPA 6pk cans - $13.99

Great Lakes Chill Wave Imperial IPA, 4pk cans - $12.99

Ithaca Vanilla Porter, 4pk cans - $9.99

New Holland Coffee Chocolate Dragon's Milk Reserve, 4pk bottles - $21.99

3 Floyds Moloko Milk Stout, 6pk bottles - $12.99

3 Floyds Behemoth BBA Ale, 4pk bottles - $21.99

Urban Artifact Peaches & Cream Nitro Fruit Tart, 6pk cans - $13.99

Aspall Perronelles Blush English Cyder, 500ml bottle - $6.99

Kegs - 1/6 Barrel🛢

Heart State Cold IPA - $101.99

Abita Amber - $148.99

North Coast Scrimshaw - $148.99

Tröegs Nugget Nectar - $141.99 Final Thoughts 💬 It never ends... just when I say we’re not doing any specials this week, I suddenly find myself agreeing and saying “why not?” I’m willing to say we’re anything but boring down here. We seem to be always looking for something to do for you to enjoy your Saturdays, so stop in and have some fun with us... we can’t help but to enjoy it.

P.S. No groundhogs were hurt in the creation and distribution of this newsletter.

Cheers from all of us here at the Wine Merchant!

📞 419-424-0391

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