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Merry Christmas!

6 more days till Christmas!!!

We’re tasting the wines that I plan on pouring for Christmas! OK, OK… emergency’s only, if you need it for Christmas I’ll try…

Calendar of Events

December 19th – Thirsty Thursday 1/2 off drafts and grilled cheese and tomato soup for $5

December 24th – Closing at 6pm

December 25th – Closed Christmas Day

December 26th -– Thirsty Thursday 1/2 off drafts and grilled cheese and tomato soup for $5

December 27th – It’s our annual all bubbles Friday night tasting!

December 31st - Closing at 8pm

January 1st – Closed New Years Day

New Wines (not many, just trying to keep the shelves racked)

Pias Vinho Tinto Portugal NV $8.99

Robert Oatley Cabernet Sauvignon Australia 2016 $19.99

New Beers

Abita Macchiato Milk Stout 6 Pack Bottle $12.99

Toppling Goliath King Sue Double IPA 16.oz Can 4 Pack $18.99

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue 16oz. Can 4 Pack $11.99

Flying Dog Double Dog 6 Pack Bottle $16.99

Urban Artifact Astrolabe 4 Pack Cans $11.99

Fat Head’s Hop JuJu 4 Pack Cans $11.99

Shorts Super Fluid Cans $11.99

Jackie O’s Java The Stout 6 Pack Cans $11.99

Sprecher’s Czar 4 Pack Bottles $10.99

3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust 6 Pack Cans $14.99

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil 4 Pack Bottle $15.99

Beer Tasting

It’s Flying Dog Brewery this week for Saturday’s tasting. We’ve always carried this Maryland Breweries beer and it’s always proven to be a good seller. These beers are all one and done beers having come to us in a Family Drama pack theyrre an amusing theme… First is “Wait I’m Adopted” simply described as a wanabe Hefeweizen. Next we’ll try their Pale Ale named “No Filter Nana”. Number three is “Family Drama” which apparently is a style that even I can’t describe and to finish this week’s tasting we’ll sip a little “Winter Warmer”. We’re going to have fun serving these beers and hope you can join us…

Dan’s Feature & Dan’s Pick

This week’s feature is Caymus #46, their 2018 Cabernet, we recently sold out of the 2017 and to our luck the 2018 was available. Caymus is always ready to drink, this iconic Cabernet has been in the market now for 46 years and guess what, Chuck Wagner has figured it out. Maybe the easiest drinking most full bodied Cabernet you can come across and at $90.99 (a mere dollar increase) over last year’s, this is a bottle to adorn your holiday table. If you’re looking for something to woo the dinner guests at Christmas this is the bottle.

My pick… 1.5 liter bottles of Cakebread Chardonnay, there are few Chardonnays that say as much as Cakebread… Truly one of the best Chardonnays that come out of Napa. Rarely do I get 1.5 liter bottles and at $99.99 it’s a no brainer if you’re going to pour a Chardonnay for Christmas dinner, this is an exceptional Chardonnay for a once a year event.

Put these two wines on your Christmas Dinner table and expect to be complimented beyond belief. We love these wines and even more so love sharing them with you…

Friday/Saturday Special

It’s back to the balls this week… It’s cold outside and there’s nothing like our fresh baked meatballs to warm you up. Our version Friday and Saturday will be the original, covered in marinara and adorned with melted provolone, I think this has become everyone’s favorite…

Final Thought

This is the last newsletter before Christmas… We’ve enjoyed seeing, serving and selling to all of you during this busy holiday. From all of us here at the Wine Merchant Chelsea, TJ, Meg, Tara, Taylor, Megan, Madyson, Caleb, Kiyomi and of course, myself, we wish you and yours a very safe and joyous holiday season.

Cheers from all of us here at The Wine Merchant

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